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Will post pics later today.
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Nice one. I think that's probably my dream amp you've just there... If I ever splash out on a high ender it will be a Sansui totl integrate. 

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I love it when this thread yields pix just in time for shopping over the weekend for more iron. :D

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One interesting note is the 9500 was the last amp designed by sansui's founder Kosaku Kikuchi. And it was consider his last crown jewel. The folks over at audiokarma rave about it for its design and build quality and it said there's never been an amp with that level of enginurity either before or after the the 9500 was born.

It's been high on my radar but very few have come through eBay in excellent condition, and I refuse to pay a few hundred for a beat up amp. So one in great condition came up in my area a few weeks ago. I'm the third owner, the previous owner owned it since the late 70s and claimed it's been in storage for the last 16 years. After blowing the dust off, the insides looks immaculate. And the build quality truly is second to none. I was never really a fan of the outward appearance, but I will say it's growing on me.
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Team Sansui

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Team Sansui indeed :beerchug:


I beg to differ about the appearance though. I absolutely love how the 9500 looks. No other amps look like the classic Sansui's. They're in a class of their own. I love how my lowly au-505 looks. 



Here it is with my recently acquired hd600's. A great hp for vintage gear. 

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I did take some before and after pics of the internals with my iPhone. I can post some external pics when I get home.

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Holiday candy couldn't hold a sweet tooth next to this! Drive safe, moodyrn...

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Looks nice moodryn!!! I've never heard vintage Sansui. I'll have to keep an eye out for one of these.:D 

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Nice clean up job! 


Where's Matt these days? He appreciates a nice clean up job :tongue_smile:  

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:thumb: Likely on moody's porch by 4:15...

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Thanks guys, another few interesting facts are....it's rated at only 75wpc at from 20-20,000hz at .05% thd. But it weighs slightly more than my 9090db and 2325 at just over 51lbs. Both of those receivers are conservatively rated at 125wpc. It's at least as powerful as those to receivers. And keep in mind 9090db and 2325 have the added bulk and weight of housing a tuner well. For reference, an au11000 I use to own(110wpc) only weighs 42lbs and the au-717 weighs in at 39lbs.  I don't know what the true wattage for this amp is, but I'm quiet positive it's well over 100wpc given the speakers I've tried it on and also in comparison to the drive capabilities of my other amps/receivers.

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Originally Posted by Silent One View Post

:thumb: Likely on moody's porch by 4:15...


Lol, just make sure you don't forget to bring along the "G". That's a piece of gear so serious that can only be signified by one letter


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He'll be joining me then! I've been camping outside since last night, when word got out that Moods had bought another High ender. :biggrin: 

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Good thing there's been no misunderstanding between us and law enforcement officials. He got great neighbors! :normal_smile :

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