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Posting pics of my four vintage receivers.  


Yamaha CR-220 - just used for headphone duty now, with XLR cable hooked up to speaker outputs:


Harman Kardon 730 - powering Infinity P363 speakers:


Sansui QR-6500 - powering Paradigm 11SE Mk II's:




Finally, Sansui Eight Deluxe - powering IMF TLS 50 Mk II's:


The three receivers connected to full size speakers also are sometimes used for headphone duty from the headphone jacks.

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What a club! How much for membership, again? biggrin.gif Nice ensemble, captouch.

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Originally Posted by moodyrn View Post

Lol, yes it can be very addictive as many of us already know. Once you hear what something like a sx650 can do, your first reaction is "wow if this one sounds this good, how good will xyz sound". Just think about it, after the sx650, you still have 750, 850, 950, 1050, 1250. And that's just one line from one manufacturer. You still have the sx-xx80 lineup and the sx-x3x line up. Again from the same manufacturer.


Then you have multiple lineups from sansui, marantz, yamaha, kenwood etc. Then you have receivers from little known brands that were built just as good as the popular brands. But wait, you still have multiple lineups from multiple brands when it come to the integrated side. But wait, you still have multiple lines of power amp/preamp separates from all of the brands as well. Before know it, you can end up with enough vintage gear to open up you own store.


And the real beauty of it is. For the price of one dedicated headphone amp, you can have a equally great sounding vintage rig in multiple rooms in your place. Or a different amp for every pair of headphone you have with money left to spare. This is the beauty of vintage audio.


Of course you are right. When I first heard the sx-650 setup at my house I though for a second, "I must still be plugged into the lyr." Then you glance over and realized just how good the vintage gear can sound. And sure I realize that there is no warranty or gaurantee but for the money it's hard to have this much fun period. The thrill of the chase is there. And if you enjoy a bit of simple DIY, the fun will continue. There is no skirting around it...I'm hooked. I blame it on Moodyrn for bring his Sansui to the Atlanta meet. Once I heard what his old receiver did for my hp's, that was it. Plus it was just a beautiful looking unit. 

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Originally Posted by Silent One View Post

What a club! How much for membership, again? biggrin.gif
 Nice ensemble, captouch.

Nowhere near your G-22000 wink.gif, but all picked up for reasonable $ and very enjoyable.

The Yamaha just needed the tuning dial freed up (hardened grease), but the HK needed no work, though lights could be replaced here and there on both.

The Sansui QR needed a cap and transistor replaced to wake up a bad channel (3/4 were good) and the Eight Deluxe had a frayed wire and cold solder joint that needed fixing.

Just to give those considering vintage an idea of what type of work could be involved to get things up and running,

Of courses, all received DeOxit treatment and some light cleaning,
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After reading about the legendary wars between electronic firms in the '70's, maybe what this hobby needs now is a good ol' fashion Arms Race... The Sequel. evil_smiley.gif

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Today, I have acquired the following setup: 


bifrost/uber>A2 (pre-amp)>pioneer sx-650>he-4 (new today)


I owned the he-4 once before but I don't feel that I was giving them enough juice. I figured that I'd really get the stretch the legs on sx-650 with a power hungry hp like the he-4. very_evil_smiley.gif


Cues up foobar (waspi/bitperfect)...double click Alice in Chains: MTvUnplugged. Turn the volume to twelve to give the he-4 a little something to chew on. Wait a moment to hear the bass guitar hit...


O' don't take me now cause I may have just reached the hp promise land. basshead.gif The deep texture of the bass guitar goes really, really deep. The sound stage is huge. All the instruments are so clear and natural. 


This is why I listen to hp's....

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Kenwood Model 500 and Luxman 5L15.




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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post


This is why I listen to hp's....

And why you'll never stop listening to vintage amps.........................

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Wow, Meewoo, those are NICE! Congrats. How do you like them?
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Hey all! I found a Kenwood KS-400R receiver on Craigslist in my area that I'm looking at getting. Does anyone know anything about this receiver? The seller is bundling it with a Sony turntable, a Technis tape deck, and some cheap-ish desktop speakers for $100.

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Big congrats Meewoo!! The model 500, 600, 650, and ka907 are some of the rarest of the rarest of integrates. You very seldom see any of those come available. That should be one sweet sounding amp. Too bad kenwood didn't make many of those four integrates. That's a nice looking luxman too.

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I just took tongue_smile.gif a hot phone call! The BIG Sansui is nearly completed - a couple of weeks out! Besides cleaning 'Baby Sinister' inside/out, a connector needed to be fabricated, as they long stopped making the part. And a few caps were replaced. They were okay but would need replacing in the not so distant future, so... off with their heads! biggrin.gif


The Tech found the remaining caps in excellent condition. Recommended not replacing them at all, as it wouldn't be necessary and would cost a fortune to do so. I'm with him! That extra money could go towards a Reel-to-reel evil_smiley.gifSkylab got me interested in. 




...not all is Peaches & Creme, even though I went to rolleyes.gifa French market. 



We got absolutely no cashmad.gif to free my two vintage irons from the repair shop. The Pioneer SX-D7000 is the other receiver. But trust me, I'd be willing to sell it in order to clear the G-22000 and wouldn't even look back. I want my Champagne holding, French Custard serving hands ALL over that Sansui! ksc75smile.gif

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Wow. It seems that maintaining vintage gear can get a little spendy. I'm having a love affair with my Pioneer, but if it needed that much work, recaping ect I'm not sure that I could carry on with it. Maybe...it would be a tough call. The sound it tremendous. It would cost me $600-$700 to get something modern that sounds as good as the Pioneer.


The custom cabinet/replacement is well underway. This is a joint project with my uncle. He is the master carpenter and me...mostly the gopher. We get the wood planed down to spec. It was tough to get the walnut to the proper thickness. The exhaust grill was used as a template and will mostly likely just be repainted and reused in the final cabinet rebuild. It will be a real site when finished. Pics to follow...

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Thanks Skylab and moodyrn!!


I am lucky to get them without breaking bank. They both are rare pieces, and I think 5L15 is rarer thank 500.

I haven't given them a serous listening yet, no time. But just possessing those beautiful pieces gives me lot of utility!! I am addicted!!beerchug.gif  

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My Pioneer SX-D7000 doesn't need anything, so they're just cleaning it thoroughly inside/out. 'Baby Sinister' is the one that needed a bit more wink.gif TLC. 

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