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Originally Posted by moodyrn View Post

I think I may need to go on vacation more often. Last year while in Orlando I scored a sansui au11000. This time around I'm in the smokies and just scored an absolutely mint, fully restored sansui 9090DB featuring nichicon gold caps. It looks stunning. Pics don't do it justice.

I'm ecstatic at how good it sounds using my iPhone as a source. Can't wait to get this bad boy back home. It comes from the original owner who has babbied this thing since buying it new, and it shows. With how good it sounds, it has me seriously thinking about at least recapping my other gear. Here's a few pics taken from my phone.



Is ittongue_smile.gif edible?! CONGRATS.

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Lol, thanks.
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So, now S.O. waits! 



Dropped off my G-22000 & SX-D7000 Monday night for servicing. Will have both units "DeoXed" but waiting for a repair assessment. Not sure how much I need/want to put in 'em. I'm excited for both, though.


Anyone know the headphone output of the G-22000? And is the resistance @ 120 Ohms or something else? Thanks.

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I remember a Speaker Doctor in CA, any affiliation?

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Originally Posted by grokit View Post

I remember a Speaker Doctor in CA, any affiliation?


I took my gears to the "Stereo Doctor" (San Ramon). Is this the place you're thinking of? Or is your post directed to another member? shipsupt recommended the place to me and I'm going on 2 years with satisfaction.


Of course, my sabbatical is up and I'm moving back to L.A. in appx 45-60 days, so he might have to ship 'em to me in SoCal.

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Okay this place was in SoCal. And hopefully they're not!

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I need to find a place to have my current and upcoming vintage purchases serviced in SoCal. Will reach out to Sluker tomorrow. And check out your referrals as well, grokit. 


Because I frequent the library right round the corner from him, perhaps we should have a mini-mini-meet inside said library. biggrin.gif After all, we'll have headphones.

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Kenwood KA-405 and matching KT-413. Pretty cool little amp and tuner.






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Originally Posted by joehalo View Post

Kenwood KA-405 and matching KT-413. Pretty cool little amp and tuner.








Great album by the way..................:thumbsup:

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Replaced the lamps with some LEDs! Now its got that beautiful trademark Marantz blue. Bought some Deoxit and cleaned most of the entire inside with it (including the pots), using a toothbrush and replaced a few caps. May be Placebo, but I swear it sounds better. A lot better. I managed to not break anything except for the clips (electrical tape saved the day) and somehow scratched the dial area, but whatever, so minor you can't tell. Looks great and now I can just enjoy it without planning on what I need to fix on it!

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Yes, a classic album

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One of the coolest album covers!

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Once I got the turntable, that was the first record I bought. I am amazed how nice it sounds. Donald is simply amazing at what he does. 

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QUICK IMPRESSION OF SANSUI AU 20000 with my modded Fostex T50rp:

I had a Hitachi SR804 and brief time with a Marantz 2226B before settling down on this baby.

I use them out of my Rega p3-24 turntable and my Centrance Dacport.

WHen I first got the Hitachi, having first heard vintage amp, my impression was WOW, the sound stage is wide, fast and deep bass. Treble was good, as it offered more detail than my Dacport. The midrange was not clearly an upgrade. On the Phono section, I thought it was the fault of my Rega as the soundstage was much smaller than the Dacport, however I get more bass slam. Then I decided to give the Hitachi to my cousin and get the Marantz, it was quite new and look goood.

The Marantz doest everything better than the Hitachi, excep the same soundstage. The bass was much faster, mid is sweet and smooth ( I thought) and the treble was very much extend. Only then I realised how much rolled off the Hitachi was.I only have a brief time with the phono input because one channel is muted after a few days, but my impression was that the phono compared to aux in was the same as the Hitachi: the phono has less soundstage. Because of the problems, I  refunded them and get the Sansui.


This amp does everything very well effortlessly. It's like how you would like a girl: beautiful but doesn't look like she's trying hard at all :) .Back to the amp: the bass go down LOW, very low. I can hear more textures and deep bass. IT makes drums from my record sounds very real. On my Rega , the slam and speed was ok, a tad slower than the Marantz, but I have an impression that on the Dacport there was not much bass slam, or prat. Maybe the big Sansui is out of the little Dacport league and I need to upgrade my DAC. The midrange was very liquid and smooth, and treble is very fast and extended.From the whole frequency range, there is no sense of brightness or grain. The sound stage is the best part: very very expansive and deep, not wide, but extend to the front as well.

Conclusion: the Sansui has this very effortless sound and large, deep soundstage that I always love. However there are some very minor issue:there are noise at high volume ( both on headphones and speaker)and the bass could be a little bit faster. 

Question:On all of those vintage amp, I had to use an transformer to convert 220v to 100v. The Marantz has the least hum. I spoke to an vintage audio seller and he told me to avoid amplifiers that I need to use an transformer because of the hum and noise. Is that true? I am planning to recap my Sansui, would doing so reducing the noise? I read some post on audiokarma that a guy restored his sansui and convert the voltage input, Do I need to do this when I recap the Sansui?

THanks for reading

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