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Hello all,

As a noob to the forum I had posted a question elsewhere but then realised it was in the wrong (well, not exactly) place and got no replies so I then I googled my question and found this thread which is the perfect place to get the info I need, I think.

For the last 15 years my Acoustic Research TT has been in a box, along with its Trio IA. I decided to start using them again and realised I wanted a different amp to try, and speakers. I found a Sony STR 7065, a Technics and more recently a Rotel RA 412 (yep, its become an obsession)

I have also been looking for speakers and quickly realised these are difficult to find in vintage form and at a decent price, also the rest of the family do not appreciate me rocking the house. So I decided to buy a pair of headphones. I lost my 1980's bought Sennheiser 420(?) which, as I remember, were OK but now I want to find a pair that work well with any of the amps I have.

I figured I might buy


Sennheiser HD 598, 600 or 650

I wonder which of the amps would offer the best reproduction to the headphones. I am not a basshead and have no interest in the bass overwhelming (is that the right term?) the rest of my music.

I listen (currently) to Neil Young, Adele, Bjork, Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd.

I bought a pair of Koss Porta Pro and thought they were "OK" for my Samsung Tablet, but thats all.

Would any of those Amps have difficulty driving the HD 600/650. I am still getting to grips with impedance and dont really know (or understand) how to figure it out.

Anyway, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, as I became obsessed with this "return to the golden age of vinyl" quest, I also bought two dual TT's (a 1019 and a 1229, a cabinet music console AND a no name TT (just for the styli) all this and a pair 2 pairs of speakers, SAE Mark X and Celestion CS7, for under $200.00. So now I have separate listening stations where I can hide from "she who must..(be obeyed)"





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A lot of full-sized headphones sound great on vintage equipment... what's your budget?
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Budget, ah now theres a thing.

I started to be a little conservative, thinking I would look up retail prices then cheap out on Efray or something similar. I think I am OK with the headphones listed and their retail pricing and then finding them refurbished or used and taking a chance on them.

So for the this exercise lets go full retail on the HD650 (but I think I might be better suited to the 600) and call that the budget. I would spend that on speakers anyway.


Thanks for the quick reply,



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Hello, Bex,

Welcome to the forum!!

Based on your description and my experience, I wouldn't suggest you go after Sennheiser headphones. I have(had) Sony STR-7065 7045 and 6045 (stock one, non-recapped), they all sounds warm, I mean like vintage Marantz warm. And I found they aren't good synergy with Sennheiser's warm dark sound. But I find they are very good with AKG. I usually pair my Sennheisers with vintage Yamaha or Pioneer.

As for speakers, I think Vintage Sony warm tone can even tame the treble of horn speakers, so Klipstch is not bad choice for you. I have two pair celestion bookshelf speakers, they may not go down deep, but their sound image is fantastic, great speakers.

Of course, this are all my opinions, YMMV!1

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I also have a pair of Celestion Ditton LS10 bookshelf speakers. I bought them with the AR TT back in the 80's. I damaged them with a test tone recently but was able to repair them and they (IMO) sound better than they did previously. I love em.

I also remembered that I have got a Nikko NR1000 as well (does it never end??)

What model AKG would you suggest?



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Originally Posted by bexiesbruv View Post

I also have a pair of Celestion Ditton LS10 bookshelf speakers. I bought them with the AR TT back in the 80's. I damaged them with a test tone recently but was able to repair them and they (IMO) sound better than they did previously. I love em.

I also remembered that I have got a Nikko NR1000 as well (does it never end??)

What model AKG would you suggest?



I have vintage AKG K-240 sextett and K-340, and modern Q-701, they all sound great out of Sony. I have Nikko 9095, it sounds very warm due to deteriorate components. My Celestion are DL 6 II and 100.  Hope you can find what you like!!

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@Bex, I wouldn't necessarily rule out the HD650 unless you're looking for something that's hotter with treble emphasis. Check out the HD650 appreciation thread - it's ultra-long, but even just the last 10 pages will give you an idea of the love it gets and scalability.

You told us musical preferences, and not too much bass, but didn't say whether mids are highs are more important.

I was listening to my HD650's last night through the HP out of a Harman Kardon 330B (known as a warm, tube-like receiver) and it was by no means too warm and bass was not overwhelming. It was very well balanced. If mids are important to you, the HD650's excel there. If treble/highs are more important, then there are other better options.

Remember, you've been and will continue to acquire new equipment since you seem to have the bug like the rest of us, so I'd think about the best cans for the long-term, scalability with better equipment, etc.

Read the appreciation threads of the various options you're considering. There's typically a lot of compare/contrast there. $300-500 is non-trivial, so don't rush into a decision.
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The 650's sound real good with everything in my opinion.  But you need to be prepared for the rolled off highs.  If that laid back sound signature is what you want, they are a great headphone.  They are high enough impedance that you get a decent damping factor out of the vintage receivers headphone out.

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You could go the orthodynamic route and not care about damping factor. The HiFiMan HE-500 is well-regarded by many, but it might be a little above your pricerange.
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Yes, come to the dark side and become an orthonaut. Oh, and let us know which country you call home. That can make a big difference to our recommendations.

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Thanks everyone.

I haven't ruled out the HD600/650 but I am leaning towards the 600 out of the two, from the descriptions I have read.

I am in Alberta, Canada and have a US ship to address so can buy from US efray sellers and Amazon too.

I have to admit to being a little behind on the idea of mids and treble. What I can tell you is that when listening through speakers I generally leave everything flat and enjoy the sound that way. My favourite speakers that I own right now are the Ditton LS10. I think thats sentimental rather than because they are better than, say, the SAE Mark X pair. I also have some Mission 671 bookshelf as well.

I am also leaning toward the AT ATH AD700 or 900XI was wondering about closed and open. Closed for the living room when she who must is watching TV and the open for when I am downstairs.

So the closed likely will be using the Rotel or Nikko and the open for the Sony. I guess I am buying 2 pairs then.

I did read a short thread about the freq res of headphones and thought this reply was very informative (post 36):




So I guess I am a little less concerned about this aspect of a headphone than I was (or thought I should be), although it does appear that the more you spend the broader freq resp you get, and of course the headphone build quality looks like it gets better as well.


I dont know what roll off is, as mentioned earlier. I dont know what to listen for to know if I have heard it or not so I guess I am going to be looking up terms for the next few hours.

As for the HiFi Man 500, I think I would have no real problem spending this amount on a couple of sets but not one right now, unless I can be convinced its the be all end all, last headphone you'll ever buy.

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Wow, it's been far too long since I've visited this thread!! Congrats guys on all of your recent purchases. All of those receivers look beastly. Interesting to see mention of hpm-100s. I found a beat up pair for 80.00. I did the best I could with mineral wool and howard's restore to bring them to look decent. But 80.00 was too good to pass up and they sound very impressive out of my kenwood 907. I still like my modded fortes better, but the hpm's are one good sounding pair of speakers.

It's funny seeing those marantz in the pics next to the pioneers and such. After owning first a sx-1010 and then a kr-9600, I was shocked at how small the marantz 2325 was when I first received it. It's larger than the 22xx series but not by much. It's still small compared to other totl receivers. But the sound is just as big though. I'm sure the 2500 and up are at least as big as the others, but then that's one a whole nother level altogether and more in the 1980 territory than 1000 series territory.
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$80 for HPM-100's that work is a steal, even if they are not the nicest looking pair. Nice one!
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Originally Posted by calipilot227 View Post

Am I the only one who was concerned about the stand collapsing and dropping all those receivers on the poor cat sleeping underneath?? eek.gif


I'm not worried......don't even like cats.  wink_face.gif

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Or go electrostatic.  A set of vintage Stax SRM Mk III's and the SRD step-up transformer would fit in that budget easily.  I can attest that they sound very nice on vintage gear.


Also, if you have a vintage integrated receiver, don't worry about power.  A bunch of folks on the other forums here will say that headphone need more power, and you'll need a headphone amp... that's not as true with the vintage gear, and you probably don't need one.  I have a Headroom Millet Hybrid I haven't used in months; no point, my Marantz 2220 sounds as good.  And the 2220 has enough power to drive K-1000's just fine, so no exotic headphone amp needed.  I have the SMC-1000 amp that's "made for" the K1000's, and never use it either.


Need to recable my Stax again, though.  Maybe I'll have time after the first of the year.

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