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Originally Posted by moodyrn View Post

For most people here, it's not about vintage gear being a novelty or a hobby(maybe for some). The reason this thread took off the way it did, was because of the pleasant surprise about how good some of this stuff sounds. And for many, including myself, it has change the notion of having to spend huge amounts of money on dedicated headphone amps to get great sound. But of course ymmv. I still get a chuckle when I go back and read the first few pages in this thread. Even the very first post was met with a bit of criticism. But oh my has this thread taken off. Depending on the condition, you may have no desire to go the route of a dedicated headphone amp.



Listen to what the thread creator said!! And thanks for him, I learned that even with limited money, I can have very good headphone amps plus speakers amps, plus knowledge of audio, plus sweat of polishing case, plus fun, plus......beyersmile.png

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Lol, yeah forgot to mention the fun in all of it. I've had some great weekends polishing and cleaning stuff up. Both amps and speakers.biggrin.gif
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I'm ALL in, I just want to find a better amp than my first entry (SX-650) into retro/vintage. sluker...... are you listening?!



You know I mean well, sluker, just funnin' with you while I set out to persuade you. biggrin.gif

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Moodyrn, I totally agree! I grew up with this sansui, always loved the look and feel and sound of it. This is definitely not about novelty for me, I can't afford anything else! And if the sound ends up impressing me (which I suspect it will), then all the better. I'm in no rush to spend money unnecessarily. Look forward to updating once I get this rig together.
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Moodyrn, btw I see you use the HRT steamer pro, how do you like it? That's the one I plan on using with the sansui. Not overly warm?
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Just wanted to say, I wasn't trying to put down integrated amps as headphone amps, was just stating that if you were deciding between trying to mod an integrated amp (sacrilege!), it would be better to get a dedicated :P Personally, I tried my D5000s with my Yamaha CR820 and didn't like the sound at higher volumes (distortion). It drives my speakers amazingly well, though, so I'm extremely happy with it :) Good luck with the Sansui!

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I've either heard or owned most of what's typically considered the best headphone amps out there, and IMHO, an integrated, (Vacuum Tube Logic IT-85) is the best I've yet heard. I haven't listened to my 4ch Beta22 amp in months, and it's a pretty damned fine sounding amplifier. It's simply the 2nd banana in this house. 


Listening to headphones through an excellent sounding home amp from its outputs is a wonderful thing. wink.gif

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I've tried a half dozen head amps and I can't say I've heard any difference between any of them or between them and my receiver. Add to that the inconvenience of incorporating a head amp into a home system and their lack of tone controls, and I became convinced that dedicated headphone amps are not for me.
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Any of you other AudioKarma members know why the site is gone this morning?

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It's still there at audiokarma.org. Had you mistyped the URL?
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Are you sure????  I get one of those "placeholder" type of web domain owner pages, not Audiokarma.  This is both on my PC and from my ipad.  Did you try just now?


And the AK Database site looks even scarier:



While executing query "delete from `akdataba_admin`.cpg14x_sessions where time<1338820484 and remember=0;" on Resource id #5

mySQL error: Table './akdataba_admin/cpg14x_sessions' is marked as crashed and should be repaired

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I get a placeholder when I try audiokarma.com, but audiokarma.org looks exactly like what I was expecting, and I could log in properly too. Tried both before replying earlier.
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Well that is really odd, because I for sure an using audiokarma.org, doesn't work for me.  Also doesn't work for a buddy of mine in Philadelphia.  Who is your ISP?

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audiokarma.org isn't working for me either. I'm at work behind mucho security. Not sure what my experience will be at home tonight.


My lunch has ben ruined!

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Not working for me either, using Hughesnet satellite i KCMO area.

Originally Posted by Skylab View Post

Well that is really odd, because I for sure an using audiokarma.org, doesn't work for me.  Also doesn't work for a buddy of mine in Philadelphia.  Who is your ISP?

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