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Where in VA do you live?  There are 3 Goodwills along Rt 50 in Arlington and Falls Church that sometimes have lots of electronics.

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I just finished sanding and refinishing both my fisher cabinet and klipsch epic CF-2s. I'll try to get some pics up later tonight. The epics are really some great sounding speakers. I prefer them to just about all the current klipsch I've heard the last 5 years.
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These are just some preliminary pics. I'm still not quite finished. I still have to bolt the fisher to the case, and I still need to polish/buff the amp chassis. The brass knobs have become a little tarnished. I also have some matching speaker spikes on the way that are suppose to be here tomorrow. The speakers were a light  oak finish to begin with, but they were scratched up. So I wanted them to match my fisher along with the rest of the furniture in my office. It's been a long week. I started this process on Monday. I am an amature so please don't judge my work too harshly.102_5129.JPG102_5132.JPG102_5133.JPG102_5136.JPG102_5138.JPG102_5139.JPG

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Looks beautiful, Moodyrn! Nice work.
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Thanks Skylab. Maybe tomorrow I can finally get back to enjoying my "vintage" setup.

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Did you make the Fisher cabinet from scratch, or did you refinish a vintage one?
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I bought an old one on ebay just to refinish it. But it was in worst shape than I thought it would be. The bottom had dry rotted and there were chips as well. I ended filing a dispute with paypal to get a partial refund because the seller described it in excellent condition with only a few scratches. When I took it out of the box, the bottom literally fell to peices. I paid 40.00 for it and got a 15.00 refund(imo, it still wasn't worth 25.00). It took quite a while to sand it deep enough to get all of the scratches out. I had to use some wood filler on a couple of chips on the back edges. When I first got it, it looked so bad, I considered trashing it and having mcintosh cabinets build me one, but I decided to give it a try since all I would be investing in was sanding blocks, varnish, and lacquer.

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Well it sure looks like it came out well. Congrats!
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You guys want to see a lot of vintage (and new), check out AudioKarma's Member's Systems forum:



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Originally Posted by scompton View Post

Where in VA do you live?  There are 3 Goodwills along Rt 50 in Arlington and Falls Church that sometimes have lots of electronics.

I will check those out on Sunday either before or after the meet since I will be in NoVa anyway. Excited?


I picked up the receiver. The guy was pretty awesome. He wasn't much into vintage speakers but receivers are something that he does not lack. He had a cute little Technics turntable too. I am using my SM3's and the 2220B's FM radio. No antenna but I still get a couple very clear signals. 

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Here is a picture of my Rotel.



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The only problem with Goodwill is it's very hit or miss.  I can't use speakers so I've never really investigated them but at times, I've seen 20 pair at one or another of those stores.

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I have never been lucky at any second hand store besides one pawn shop.  Even garage sales have been fruitless for me.  But, it's all about luck, even with online listings.  A safe TT is technics or pioneer with Direct Drive and with S-shaped arm.

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I got a nice NAD 3155 at Goodwill and I've seen a couple of other receivers that I should have bought but went home to research first.  Went back to buy it and it was gone.


I also found a Dual 1219 at an estate sale for $10.  Unfortunately it needed $150 to get it working.

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