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I took this from manual and drew in the info you requested. This is how I have it hooked up right now and it sounds great. But would it be best to run the tube amp into the pioneer amp's tape in or aux in?



PC USB > DAC > tube amp input > tube amp output > Pioneer SA-8100 amp's pre-power amp input


The input labelled AUX and TAPE IN is - EXACTLY THE SAME ! Only switch between the source and actual input of an amp.


For the case of running either AUX or TAPE IN inputs I see no reason for yet another one unnecessary link in the chain - and that would be the tube amp. But if it gives you flavor you like better than without it - hey, it is your system and your ears should be the judge. But absolutely necessary it is, under any circumstances,  not.


If you run the DAC>tube amp>power amp in - basically the same thing, unless your DAC has no provision for the volume control - in that case, some form of volume control is required, in this case provided by the tube amp.


Your ears should be the final arbiter - enjoy the journey !

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 Well the tube amp volume works when hooked up through the pioneer pre-power amp input.


If I hook it up to the tape in or aux in then I have to use the volume on the pioneer.


The main reason I did this is because my tube amp is only for headphones and I wanted to run speakers off it so feeding the tube amp into the Pioneer sa-8100 allows me to hear my tube-elicious sounds out of my speakers. For headphone duties I will still run my cans out of the tube amp or my Bryston BHA-1.



My main question was (and I think you answered it) would it make a SQ difference between the SA-8100 inputs: tape in, aux in, or pre-power amp in.


I suppose it matters not.


I actually think the most pure way to pass the tube amp through the pioneer is through the pre-amp input. BUT I have to reach behind the pioneer to hit that switch when I don't want to use the tube amp. So even though I think I'm losing a little SQ by going through the aux I will do so because everything can be done via the front controls.

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