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Cheers!  It deserves a good repair I reckon..too pretty for a bodge, so I'm gonna look up a decent cabinet maker & see what he/she quotes.

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Hi guys.  Well, my Luxman SQ-507X arrived today.  Unfortunately, it was the victim of an idiotic delivery person.  We'd popped out for a short bike ride & returned to see the box left outside the house, in plain view, in the flippin' RAIN!  Not only that, but the box was clearly labelled "THIS WAY UP".  No prizes for guessing which way it WASN'T up.  Unsurprisingly, there's damage to the wood surround :(...





Gutted, as otherwise it looks pretty decent...




I let it warm up a bit & plugged it in...phew, power light comes on.  Then I tried a feed from my Geek Out & plug in some sacrificial ear buds...right channel not working :(.  After a bit of troubleshooting, it fortunately turned out to be the 3.5mm to dual phono cable I was using...phew!  


Anyway, a brief listen through my HE-560s...wow...a gobfull of power!  I also had a quick listen through my Sonus Faber Walls...beautiful...although requires the attenuation switch to be enabled or the noise floor is quite high and I can only turn the knob a few mm.  The pots and switches need cleaning for sure as there are some intermittent crackles and balance issues, but I can tell this is going to be rather special...

Lovely amp there!


If I were you I would open it up for a visual inspection even if it is working. That broken wood indicates a pretty rough journey. Look for loose boards and especially heavy items like transformers that might have flexed their mounts. I have a Nakamichi TA-3A that arrived doa (not a sale, so no recourse) and it took me a long time to track it down to the small transformer breaking all of its solder pads free. The dent in the back corner should have been my 1st clue. After repairing the transformer it would power up but still no sound. A couple larger resistors on main amp board were stood off the board for heat dissipation and the same thing, they had broken their solder pads free from the force of whatever hit it took. Even so, everything "looked" good from the top. 

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How about a little MCS love!


Last night I changed things up a little. Normally use my Matrix M-stage w/ Fostex T50rp's in the bedroom for HP listening. But I decided to try my AKG K-400's on the MCS. Don't know why I've never tried this out before. Great synergy and way better bass with the AKG on this little 20w amp than the Matrix.


-MCS 3823 integrated amp.

-MCS 3723 tuner (both made by NEC)

-Polk Monitor 4's (early version with Peerless tweets)

-AKG K-400 with custom cable and K-701 pads.

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