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Craigslist can be such a crapshoot really. This past spring I had a Pioneer SX-880 in near mint condition listed for $350, but was willing to let it go for somewhat less. I had a guy show up to look at it, and then proceed to tell me he was looking for something a bit smaller after picking it up to see how heavy it was. In almost the same breath, he said he was also considering a SX-1250 he saw listed elsewhere. :confused:


He also claimed he was running late on meeting someone for a dinner date, but rambled on and on about a variety of topics while randomly cranking the volume up to ear-bleeding levels to see what the receiver "was capable of". He finally left, and said he'd let me know the next day what he decided. I told my wife that I'd never hear a thing from him, and I was correct.  

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Regardless of how much you think something is worth, if you offer half of the listed price you're likely to get an unpleasant response. If that happened with something I had listed, I wouldn't waste my time replying because I would take it as a low ball offer. I guess sometimes those people who do that must get a fantastic deal or they wouldn't continue doing it. 


This is what I was thinking. 

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List price and market price don't always bear resemblance. People will list with a cushion for haggling and maybe some other feel good reasons having little to do with the market. And sometimes the market undervalues assets. 


Just as our fellow member expressed it was ridiculous to offer only half the list price, the seller's list price may in fact be the one that's ridiculous in some cases. In my view, just because a seller reacts emotionally to a low offer, they needn't dump on potential buyers. Sellers and buyers alike should keep moving...next.


This really can be a wonderful hobby.

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I highly doubt its been restored. I think he looked it up and saw dollor signs and thinks he has a goldmine without taking into the fact that it will need to be recapped and lights replaced and cleaned up. He thinks its worth big bucks and thats all that matters. He can sit on it for a long time then lmao



Another overpriced one here: http://rochester.craigslist.org/ele/4586534139.html


In fact I think he just raised the price $50!

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Well holy moly! If any of you are in the Seattle area ya may wanna snatch this hell of a deal up on this Kenwood Model Eleven. I wish I was there... What a tease its in Portland craigslist in results from areas nearby frown.gif haha

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The latest addition.

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@ jgreen16


- Team Sansui

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I love those Sansui integrated amps.  Almost bought one a few months ago. 

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@ jgreen16


- Team Sansui

Yes, definitely Team Sansui :beerchug:


I sold a G-5500 last fall, and have been looking for this model integrated for awhile. It is all original, so I suppose at some point I'll need to do an overhaul. Looks to be worth doing though, as this one is a pretty clean example!

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A little interior porn!

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Looks brand new!
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Nice! I've always loved the looks of sansui integrateds internals. They look more like modern high ends amps than vintage imo.
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Originally Posted by jgreen16 View Post

A little interior porn!


Nice! That's about as clean as they come.

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