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The sansui makes the 1980 look small doesn't it? It's an illusion. The walnut side trim on the 1980 makes the aluminum face smaller, so it looks smaller. But the 1980 has about 1cm more in every dimension and almost 10kg in extra weight. ( started in metric, stayed metric. tough)

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Just waiting on UPS to deliver some deoxit...

Here's how the sausage is made haha.

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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post

Yeah the big Sansui and Pioneer right next to each other is so cool :D

Battle of the heavyweights.....................

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^^ You guys are just shameful!! But quite funny. I saw a couple interesting thing today that I'll post shortly. 

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Having trouble uploading from my phone. :mad:  I saw a Mac 2105, Pioneer sa-9800, and a Sansui sa-9800. Pics coming. 

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Which 9800??








Gotta choose between those sick Spec-like handles or fluorescent meters :eek:

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Bottom one for sure...

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^^ You guys are just shameful!! But quite funny. I saw a couple interesting thing today that I'll post shortly. 

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Job is done on the G-9000DB. Clean as new. I thought you all would appreciate this.


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Which 9800??





Gotta choose between those sick Spec-like handles or fluorescent meters :eek:


Both look incredible. I prefer the bottom one (meters!)

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After getting the Sansui G-9000db back together, I was able to get in a quick listening session comparing it to the sx-1980. I had them both hooked up to their own pairs of McIntosh XR-16 speakers and got the Mrs. to switch them back and forth while I had my eyes closed. She agreed to occasionally not actually switch them just to make sure I wasn't biasing myself. My initial impression is that the sansui is slightly warmer, with a more enveloping bass but very sweet mids. It is very pleasant to listen to and it was a great match with the McIntosh speakers, which are dead neutral down to about 50 Hz. Both have great highs. The sansui g-9000 is very much in the same league as the sx-1980. I had to replay sequences and listen very carefully to get the best sense of the differences. I even switched speaker pairs to control for slight sonic differences that I was able to notice between "identical" pairs.


As best as I can tell, both amps are VERY good. The sx-1980 is slightly more composed in the bass region, giving ever so slightly more exact replication of low frequencies (i.e. bass drum hits, low bass instrumentals). The sansui had a beautiful and sweet mid range, but it was slightly mid-forward. In terms of overall clarity, it was a dead heat. They both have a "loudness" function that drastically changes the output of the amp. The pioneer loudness feature is more subtle, mostly boosting the low bass and mid bass. The sansui's seems to boost the noise floor (and background details), as well as the low and mid bass. Just interesting, not sure if I preferred one loudness to the other. They both were as good as the source and speakers they were hooked up to. If I didn't already have the sx-1980, I think the G-9000 would make a good end-state rig. I think it would pair well with McIntosh speakers, the pioneer S- series, or maybe yamaha's. I might be too warm with old JBL L-series or lower pioneer HPM series. Unsurprisingly, it would probably sound great with a nice pair of sansui's, though they are hit or miss and change sonically a lot with model number even in the same series. If you think a pair of HP sounds great on big pioneers, it might be worth a shot on this sansui. The slight warmth and sweetness might make it even less fatiguing than a big pioneer.


From a non-sonic sound point, the G-9000 is very pretty and well built. I think the transformer and capacitors together weigh in around 30 lbs. I don't know what it is about blue tuner dials, but I just love them. The sx-1980 is built even better though (about 15 lbs better, just saying). Future maintenance wise, I think it would be impossible to get new ovoid filter caps on the G-9000. The 1980 also has unobtanium parts. Hard to say which is rarer-unobtanium.

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Nice impressions Phoenix^^


Continuing my exploration into the 'better' eighties amps. I've just got a QED integrate. Yes QED who make cables. I'd read that they made some very good amps for a while in the late eighties for the money. They actually won an award for their last one. I have their first one. The A230S (1985?). British made and aimed at the 'purest' audiophile, nothing is inside that shouldn't be and arguably some things that should.. like output fuses. It's got a high end toroidal transformer (same as Naim) and other stuff that I can't remember as I haven't looked inside yet :D  Anyways, I've read that they have an exceptional headphone stage. Yes they do, as long as your headphones aren't too sensitive. Because I doubt there are any resistors in the way as well! 

Plugging my (not sensitive at all) K701 in, and I'm happy to report the most lovely and yet focused sound I've probably heard with them yet. Wonderful. It's almost like I can hear my old Black Box dac breath!  My HD800's (with the volume right down from my pc) again sound terrific. But unfortunately its just too loud for them. I can't live with myself thinking of imbalances and data loss at this kind of low volume. Luckily my second fave hp's are the K701's. And lucky headphones they are, having such a pure signal feeding em. 



  Don't worry guys I'm not going any later than the eighties. It's only because I'm a sole headphone user (until my son stops destroying everything in his path) and speakers are a no no for me at the mo. The hp outs on some of these 80's amps are very good! Still pre opamp days ha.   

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Great impressions Phoenix. Based on my memory of the sx1280, your impressions is spot on with how I feel about them both. I feel the g901/9000db hits the sweet spot between technicalities and musicality. I also look the blue dial lol. Since mine is the g901, I get the rosewood and gunmetal finish as a bonus biggrin.gif. But the big G is a very fun sounding receiver that's also pretty accurate as well.

Oh and in my research of the big oval caps, they are dual capacitors and are replaceable. What many have done is boiled out the electro stuff and reused the shells stuffed with two capacitors each for a total of eight caps. With a fresh coat of paint for the body, you can't tell anything has ever been done to them. I'm not really interested yet, since mine are still well with in spec, but it's nice to know if I ever need to, I can replace them.
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