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A few impressions, it definitely sounds different than any sansui I've listened to. I would say its a combination of the 907 and my restored 9090db strengths. But it don't beat neither at what they do best. More musical sounding than the 907 but not as musical as the 9090. More transparent than the 9090 but not as transparent as the 907. Tonal wise, it sounds a lot like the 1280, but has a rich, lush texture the 1280 doesn't have. Great extension at both ends. And the best slam I've heard from a vintage amp, similar to the 9500 which I recently sold(the high noise floor ended up being a deal breaker for me).

It's dynamic, musical, and powerful. It's sort of a jack of all trades but not the absolute master of none(except for the slam). It's does everything well, but not the best I've heard in any one area, but not lacking in any one area either.
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Well stated!

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Very nice Moodyrn! Even though she's a bit dirty, sounds like she has some good bones :)

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Yea, although very early, I feel comfortable in saying it's the best solid state receiver I've heard. Overall I would say it's a more musical sounding sx1280 with just a touch more body. It's challenging my 907 overall although it's apparent the 907 still does a couple of things better. So time will tell if it pulls ahead. But I really like what I'm hearing.

And most of all, I can use my low impedance cans. That's where it pulls far ahead of the 9500. Although the 9500 have a better build quality. The 901 ranks behind the 907, 1280, and 9500 in that area. The build quality is still a little better than the 9090db and far ahead of any marantz I've owned.
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Ok, this thing is putting everything else on notice when it comes to driving the he6. Excellent synergy. It can drive them from the headphone out with the -20db button engaged!! Only the big pioneers could do that. Absolutely no need for a pigtail. The combination of slight warmth, lushness, and dynamics are a match made in heaven for those. Sounds great with my 1540 and w3000 as well. I still prefer the fisher and 907 slightly with those. But my goodness do it sound killer with the he6.
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Congrats it's a beauty!
Is the w3000anv hiss free from it?
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A little hiss without the -20db button engaged. None with it. But there is just a slight hum. I'm hoping that will go away with cleaning and bias, voltage, etc adjustments. But if not, I'm ok with it. Only noticeable of you go back and forth plugging them in and out.
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Thought I would post a pic echowars posted over at AK about what needs to be done to gett to all the pots and switches on the 901. I got my work cut out!!

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Yikes! Lotta work indeed.

I've never seen oval filter caps in a vintage receiver. Are you planning on getting it restored?
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One day. Those caps are exclusively sansui. They put those in their later totl stuff as well. I think those caps may be there to stay. But I will research it though.
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Good luck! :)


And please, please, please don't accidentally break anything!!!

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Lol, I'm really going to need it.
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Get in there moodyrn!


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Originally Posted by brunk View Post

Just don't do this when he arrives to see the new goods lol.


^^ This has made my day :D 





Originally Posted by moodyrn View Post


Thats a stunner Moody, really beautiful. Think I would have drove all week to get that puppy! 

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Moody, congrats, that's an awesome G901dB!!! Those are supposed to be wonderful and I have always wanted a G9000/901 myself...never found one locally....good for you!!!
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