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Where to try on IEMs?

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I am seriously considering buying either the Klipsch Image S4s or the iMetal M590s, but I really want to try them out and give them a listen before I make the leap and drop the cash. The only store I could find around where I live that sells them is Best Buy, and I would have to buy the earbuds, try them out, and then return them if they don't sound right, which sounds like a tedious process. Plus, if I like them then I kind of have to pay for them there, and I was planning to buy them online so I don't have to pay taxes. So my question is where do people usually go to "test out" headphones? What kind of store will let you do that without obligating you to buy them?
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erm very few places due to the obvious hygiene issues.  your ears may be spotless but the same cant be said of everyone.


btw the 590's are better than the S4

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how so? I've heard that the 590s are better, but I've also heard alot to the contrary. what are the main differences?


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I had the same problem of not being to try them out, so I bought the Klipsch from Best Buy then ordered from soundearphones(15% return restocking fee) the Beyerdynamic DTX 80 at the time for $95, now $85, and the Monster Turbines from J@R for $100.   Of the three the one that really stood out was the DTX80, very good bass and the rest of the frequencys were clearer than the other two(IMHO), more comfortable, and well constructed plus it was fun and dynamic.  Even tho I returned all 3 and kept my Sunrise Xcapes, it sounds like your sound signature is more bassy than mine, but there is a used pair of DTX80 there I'll bet for a good deal!  No hassle return to Best Buy, just keep everything and put it back neatly in box.  (In terms of IEM differneces read the multi-IEM review by joker, I actually found that rereading the ones I was interested in many times was necessary to really get the differences.)

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how so? I've heard that the 590s are better, but I've also heard alot to the contrary. what are the main differences?


the S4 is a V shaped sound, big thumping bloated bass and sharp aggressive treble,  the 590 has better clarity and much much better balance

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I have the S4's and I'd agree with mark2410, they do have powerful bloated bass. 

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