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****Denon AH-D1100 Review**** - The M50 killer?

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*** Denon AH-D1100***





Type: dynamic type 

Impedance: 32 ohm 
Sensitivity: 101dB/mW 
Largest input: 1,300mW 
Playback frequency: 5 - 37,000Hz 
Mass: 189g 
Cord/code length: 1.3m OFC litz wire 
Plug: diameter 3.5mm gold plated stereo mini-plug 






Lets keep this review short and to the point :)



The D1100 is the bass heavy cousin of the famous D1001 ( D1k ) that is well loved around these parts and considered one of the best low budget portable sets available.  The new D1100 is not as balanced across the board as the D1k is, meaning it is very bassy and has some harsh sibilant highs, where as the D1k was smooth in all areas. 




Lows -The D1100 is a bass heads dream.  It has been years since I have heard this much bass in a portable set that is this size.  It hits hard and deep, is extremely large sounding and very thick.  The low end is always present, meaning even when my EQ settings are toggled to 0 on the low end, the powerful bass is STILL THERE.  This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the listener.  If you are a bass head, this set is for you.  If not, I would suggest the D1001 over this is you are eye balling the Denon Brand.


Mids - They seem distant to me, I guess recessed is the word to use.  They are not so forward but they are very clear and spacious.  Nothing spectacular here, just good and certainly not lacking in a quality sense.  I prefer a forward sound, and the D1100 definitely fell short a little in the forwardness of the mids.


Highs - Well, they are pretty harsh and even piercing sometimes a'la Grado.  They are extremely tinny and sharp.  I could go as far as to call them ugly.  They extend really high, more so than most portable sets I have ever listened to.  However, for certain genres they perform on a grand scale, more about this in the presentation area.


Presentation- Remember way back when I said the highs perform on a grand scale only in certain genres ? ( lol )  Well, depending on the genre being played, it performs on a extremely great level.  The set is somewhat versatile, it is actually not that great for rocking out believe it or not and at least to my ears handles CLASSICAL music better than anything.  The highs are tinnish and not sparkled or enjoyable for vocals, there is a lot of hissing on any word with an S in it, however again in instrumental songs with no vocals, the set performs admirably.


Soundstage - The stage on the d1100 is very deep, meaning it has some good layering in Stage Forward, but the overall height and width of the set is average, immersion is also on the low end and does not do a great job in putting you inside of the music so to speak.  It is definitely rounded in shape.  Sets like the Phiaton MS400 have a much smaller stage, and the M50 has a larger stage, however the D1100 has a noticeably deeper stage than all of them.  In fact, its the deepest stage on a small portable set I've ever used.


Final thoughts - This could be the M50 killer in disguise, buy my experience in audio tells me this set will never pick up like the M50 has.  I prefer the sound of this set to the phiaton ms400 as well as the M50, I think sound quality is on par with them but the stage and presentation is more enjoyable and full sounding.  The m50 stage is bigger, airier and sounds different in terms of coloration, the D1100 is a more colored set but not by too much.  Even though the ms400 is my favorite portable set of all time, it suffered from serious staging issues that were found in the D1100....


However...the D1100 has a weird shape in the headband and I am really not at all fond of it.  It is very comfortable and the pads are great ( easy detaching pads AND the back side plate...possible woody coming soon? )  but it is literally shaped like a football, Stewie from family guy would love this set.  Near the earpads swivel mechanism, there are weird


<    >   shapes.    I have no idea why anyone would design a headband like that, but I am happy it is very comfortable, but not a set I would use outside in fear of looking like a radar dish, the space between your head and the band itself is small, but caused me to not want to take them out.  Comes with a tank like extension cord, short stock cable and a nice bag case. 


8/10 value and kitten approved



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Those are full size headphones.

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Definitely not full sized

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I have had them for a couple of months , prefer them to my M50s, the  bass tightens up a bit with a few hrs on them.

The soundstage and air these have for a closed can is very impressive , they are very light and although the headband is a little 'weird' , i wear them out all the time.

They are basically the AH-A100 without the wood.

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Nice concise review even though i don't agree that the highs are "tinny and sharp", although i did come from the HD800s and HE-6s which are known to be a tad harsh in the highs.


I've personally not found the highs even in the Sennheisers and Hifimans so it could just be me. 


Awesome review for what it's worth!

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Has anyone compared the AH-A100 to the D1100? I was going to buy the A100s but just ordered the D1100 to try out first. I've heard the A100 briefly and was impressed, but the price difference is $380 (I got the D1100s for $120 on Amazon). How similar can the D1100 be?
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Check out the comparo review done here!

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Originally Posted by shoegazer View Post


Anytime! The 1100s are my go-to phones for movies and just casual listening. Comfy and engaging without breaking the bank!

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^ you bet, I've been using them a lot lately to play Metal Gear Solid 4 on the ps3.  The soundstage is very deep and voices sound very good, I am actually very impressed with their ability to perform so well inside a real time 3d soundscape inside the video game.  The long extension cord is a godsend as well hehe.  But ya! I like them a lot but I really wish they were more conforming to the head.

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Where are y'all finding the 1100s for $120? They are $199 on amazon unless I am looking at the wrong thing. I'd grab them at $120 but will grab hd25s for same price.
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I like this headphones as my all-arounder at home use. I used them in playing games with my XBOX 360 and can easily be driven by Earsonics DSS Dolby Converter. The Dolby Surround is awesome! Even as designed as closed-can, it has a very decent soundstage, can be compared to my Sennheiser 558 which is an open headphone. The pads are very comfortable. This cans is one of the best budget bass cans I heard so far that does not bleed or distorts the mids and highs compared to the Sony MDR-XB500.

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That is music to my ears astroid.  I am listening to the m50s with love.  Am getting a pair of these Denons monday with a custom cmoy amp from jdlabs.


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Sorry, but that kitty is definitely frowning. Clear disgust emanates from his eyes as does wisdom from the mouth of elders; he yearns for Grado or Sennheiser, even Koss. But Denon? Meow, no!



EDIT: Sorry, that's hatred coming from his eyes, not disgust. Fiery, sardonic hatred.

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Well i just recieved the Denon's and a new Cmoy amp from JDS labs and I must say that even within an hour of listening it is starting to sound really good.

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