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Need a recommendation

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I have a Monster Turbine right now, and I love its sound quality very much. However its small soundstage is really fatiguing to me. Right now I want to move on and get a new IEM which probably has similar SQ but with a better SS. IEMs im considering is IE6, probably SF5P (a little out of budget) and IE7 (a little outta budget too). anyone has any views on these phones? Appreciate the help!
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I need help frown.giffrown.gif
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What is your budget?  What type of music do you listen too and what part of the music is important to you?

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Your problem is you're asking for an improvement in quality without an increase in budget. What do you mean by fatiguing? Do you actually mean the sound signature is fatiguing rather than the sound stage, that I could understand.

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