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bid retraction form...

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Don't think you can do that once the auction is done.

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ahh yes...i should learn to read :D

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The Golden Rule of Business:


If it seems too good to be true, it is.


I would think twice, thrice, etc. before sealing the deal. You can take a hit of not paying on eBay at least once before getting booted.

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Congratulations HelloHell. Although the outcome is disappointing, you did the right thing IMO by contacting ebay and working with them. I am impressed that they didn't require you to complete the transaction with a payment. As I had mentioned in my earlier post, ebay requires you to contact the seller to begin the process. If you receive no response from him that means alot to them since a legitimate seller tries to work things out if for no other reason than to continue selling with as good a rating as possible. Having received no response from the seller is a huge red flag to ebay so they cancelled your obligation to pay. I doubt the seller will dispute ebay's decision. He'll probably feel thwarted. In the end your good standing with ebay is preserved and your money remains with you. There will be other opportunities to reign in a T1 and you won't be disappointed. Keep the watchful eye.

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Well glad it all worked out. $720 for a T1 was too good a deal beyersmile.png

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Just close this thread. It's been resolved.

And what's with the random dead horse sennheiser post?

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