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For Sale or Trade: JH 13 Pro [SOLD] - UK

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For Sale or Trade:
JH 13 Pro [SOLD] - UK

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale is JH Audio JH13 Pro custom IEM.


Bought several weeks ago from a fellow headfier, used just few times to compare the signature, and since the sound difference straight out of s9 vs shure se530 was not as significant as I hoped it to be, I've decided not to bother with remolding, thus, back for sale.


Pristine condition, both sonical and cosmetic. Comes in a pouch.


Asking  £sold pounds shipped in UK, shipping outside of the country would involve extra costs but I am happy to do so.

Bank transfer or Paypal (gift or add 3%).


Also, I am always open for trades, I am not looking for anything in particular, but don't hesitate to hit me up with a trade, maybe we can come to a deal. Few phones I am very interested in - LCD-2, D7000, W1000x, PS1000, Darth Beyers, custom cabled or balanced headphones. Extra cash in or out is possible if required. Also interested in Meier Concerto.


Thanks for looking!

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Any way we could work out a deal ?

Have a pair of seen ie6, fiio e7 and some cash ?

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Hi greenmac,


I'm afraid I already have se530 as iem, and pb2 as an amp, so not quite interested in your offer, but I appreciate it.

Especially since I bought w1000x recently, I am more looking for cash right now, unless it's something that I really want (the cans in description).


Thank you, and sorry,



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Price drop bump.

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Final price drop.

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I know this is not a discussion thread and I'm not trying to start one so this is just a relevant comment.  As someone who owned the SE53x series universal IEMs and own both the JH13/JH16 customs (not remolds), I can say with authority that they are in a different league altogether from the Shures when they are properly molded.  You can't just take a pre-owned pair of custom IEMs, insert it into your ears as much as possible and make a comparison that way.  Their SQ is highly dependent on precise molding to your particular ear canal geometrics and have to be calibrated to the mold to optimize the sound quality.


I am not advocating remolding as it can damage the BA drivers, however, lost of people reported success with it, so you may want to rethink whether you want to sell it at a loss instead of at least attempting the remold and do another comparison.  If your molds are done right, chances are you will be blown away by the difference.


Just my 2 cents.

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do you have to send it back to JH (manufacturer) for it to be remolded? do they even do that or some other shops will do?  Im interested but afraid that remolding might be a problem.





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Hi Cuki,


You would have to send them to Fisher Hearing or Unique Melody that offer quality remolding services.



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Any idea how much it might cost for somone like myself in UK to have them remolded by Fisher etc ?

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Originally Posted by Azi View Post

Any idea how much it might cost for somone like myself in UK to have them remolded by Fisher etc ?

Fisher Hearing does it for $90 (afaik) + shipping back

Unique Melody is $159 which includes return shipping


You can read impressions and appreciations in the following threads:


Hope that helps

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thanks everyone

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