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For Sale:
3 channel a20 with o22 power supply kit

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hello guys,

I bought boards and parts for 10 a20 boards and 3 o22 power supplies for a project which isn't going ahead, so I'm trying to recoup the money spent on parts.

I'm offering 2 identical kits with all the parts to build a 3 channel a2 headphone/pre amplifier with o22 power supply.

Each kit includes:
a20 board and complete set of components using AMB's BOM. Details:
1/8 miniature resistors, default values as per AMB's BOM plus 130ohm (R13, gain 4.3) and 300ohm (R13, gain:8.6) resistors.
Matched Jfet's, 1 quad(for L/R channels)+ 1 pair for ground, MJE254/243 output transistors.
Panasonic FC, KEMET and Wima capacitors
Bourns 3296W trimpots
Aavid Thermalloy 577202B00000G heatsink with mounting hardware (bolt, nut and spacer)
o22 power supply kit bought from Jeff Rossel with resistors to set the voltage at +-18V
I can provide further details, but this is the standard kit that Jeff Rossel offers.

Note: each only includes the boards and components, to build a working amplifier you'll need an enclosure, transformer, input and output jacks, wiring, volume pot, etc.

The cost of parts for each kit was 127,4€ and shipping is 9€, total 136.4€ . I'd like [color=#FF0000]130€ shipped.[/color] This is [color=#FF0000]175USD.[/color]

If someone wan'ts to buy both kits I'll drop the price to 255€ shipped, 340USD!

Thanks for reading,