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Favorite speakers

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Couldn't find a section here on your favorite portable speakers so I thought I'd start a thread of my own. Logitech's pure fi anywhere 2 have kept me more then pleased for going on a year and a half now. The bass on these puppies are fantastic, and for a hundred bucks you can fill your entire house with music.



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Portables? I was going to recommend the Quad ESL-63, but they're not too easy to take with you. smily_headphones1.gif
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either or haha. 

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The most portable speakers I own are from the realistic minimus line.  At one point in time I had about 6 pair of these ranging from the minimus 3, 7, and up to the later edition optimus x7 pros.  All solidly built and a bargain if you can find them.

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sounds nice I'll check em' out. Logitech has some really swell ones

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i like my hk soundsticks 3. i just eq'd the mids a little cuz the voices sounded a bit hollow, and their much better now

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I had the older model of OP, they are truly remarkable IMO. I haven't heard many portables that sound better.

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I've been using the JBL On Tour for a while now. It's great as a standard item in my backpack to whip out at impromptu parties and get-togethers. Combined with a Clip+ it's an awesome portable speaker rig. The sound is large for a speaker it's size and it even has bass! OMG BASS! :p Sounds much better than those X-mini/Fiio Walkbox/mp3 speaker things. 





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u should change the title of this thread to "Favorite PORTABLE Speakers".  


personally i love that the mini T-Amp can be driven by batteries.  one of these, a pair of Insignia Bookshelfs, and a pack of Costco batteries and a weekend camping and listening to tunes is in the bag for around a hundo.


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