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Toronto Meet - Sunday March 6th - Page 16

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If future meets will be bigger we'll need to figure out surface area. Last time the room had more counters available, this time we delegated some of the portable rigs to couch armrests.

Who knows what we would have done had CharlieX shown up!

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If you guys are planning another meet, count me in!! Although I don't really have anything to offer, but I'm a photographer! Looked like a fun time.
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Hey guys I'm new here but I would be interested in your gathering. I just started this hobby so I don't got much but it would be kewl to meet new people.

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Didn't find this out until recently.  Count me in next time you guys meet.


I have some equipment (portable stuff), but not really that high end.


Is this generally an annual event?  If so, I guess i will have to wait till next year :(

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Nah, I think there should be one coming up soon :)

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