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Toronto Meet - Sunday March 6th

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Hi guys,


Do you think it's time for another Toronto meet yet?  I do!  I would like to host another Toronto meet, similar to the previous one (meet details, impressions), same place - party room of my condo.  The previous meet was a nice success and lots has been learned in the process (and quickly forgotten after a little scotch).


There is free visitor parking on the first level of the garage (space is rather limited but just drive in, park and get a visitor pass to put on your tashboard from security), a few spots beside the building on the side facing Yonge st (double check the signs though, might be during specific time), there is also a parking lot behind Shoppers that is paid.


The date for this is Sunday March 6th; time is Noon - 6pm.


Same details as before:


There is no strict entrance fee, but I will be holding a raffle at $5/ticket for a DIY build of mine, details to come later.  Please participate for a ticket (or few if you want) to help cover the costs of organizing the meet and maybe you'll end up taking a nice prize home.  If others would like to donate something to be raffled off, that is always appreciated.


As always, bring power bars - there are never enough!  Expect to not have too much table space, but we'll do the best we can.  Last time we had just enough space, without getting in people's way.


While I certainly appreciate the offers, lets keep this meet Headphone-only, as there isn't much room to set up speakers as well.


If anybody is a photographer, it would be great to bring a camera and take photos, always fun! :)


There will be a small bar at one end of the room, away from the equipment tables.  I will have some good scotch for people to enjoy (I'm a huge fan of scotch whiskey and it's always a pleasure to share), beyond that it's a BYOB event and I welcome (and certainly encourage) any connoisseurs and other appreciators of drinks to bring something for us to taste as well, it would be very much appreciated.  Of course, bear in mind that this is a HEADPHONE meet with quite a bit of equipment, and is to be treated as such (well... that's usually the plan, though experience teaches us that after a few hours of enjoying music, people tend to enjoy some drinks and conversation as well).  I have not had any problems with having a small bar at the previous 10 or so meets, I expect this guideline to continue, please aim to keep it this way.  As a general rule regarding drinks - keep it at the bar and not on an equipment table.


It looks like we a have a little more live entertainment for this meet, I'll be doing a recable of mcgsxr's modded Grado SR60s.  Rules for this is don't feed me too much scotch prior to the recable or we might have a very fun time indeed!


Please reply if you can make it, it would be great to see everybody there.  Please mention what gear you'd like to bring and I'll have a list here.


NOTICE: This is a privately organized headphone meet.  There will be security at the door, you will have to sign in with building security - they have the Head-Fi username list for this event.  Security will check off your name, tell you where the Party Room is, and I'll have a name tag for you here. :)


Guest / Gear List (29 confirmed, 6 maybes)


azncookiecutter + 1


d.n.d. (maybe +2)

Avro_Arrow (maybe)


Ohungry (maybe)





evulfuson (maybe)


Landis (maybe)






malganor + 1







Fishing + 1

Sonic Atrocity



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This time, I'm definitely a go. Lost our ride last time around, but shouldn't be a problem now that I'm in Toronto for the next few months.


Gear I should be able to bring:



Turbine Pro Coppers



KICAS Caliente


I'll try to borrow a friend's SRH840 and D5000 too.

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I'm in for another-

This time I'll have the HE-6 to bring along, too!
I should hopefully have a Peachtree Decco by then as well.

Everything else would be the same as I brought last time around, minus anything I happen to sell by then (so if anyone is especially interested in trying any of these let me know and I can hold off on posting them).
Denon D2000 w/ markl modded D5000 cups

And a Yulong D100 Dac/Amp

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I'm also in for another




PFE Perfect Bass

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I should be up for this one, had to pass on the last one because of school, depending on the date and my surrounding timetable, I might stand a better chance for this one. All I have to offer is a pair of HD650s, but I see that's already on the list, so barring new gear between now and then, I'll be showing up empty handed. Hopefully there'll be some DACs for listening to, I'm trying to narrow down my choices on that front.

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i will try my best to make it to this one since i could not make it to the previous meet. if im coming i will bring my assortment of RSA portable amps (tomahawk/hornet M/SR71 classic). my M3 is for sale though, so i do not know if i will be bringing that or not.


oh AND if i do come i can be the photographer as well.

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I'm in if I can swing it.

Still the same problem with childcare...


I can bring a computer with SP/DIF Coax



Bravo V2 (modified)

Cowon D2+

and two or three amps of my own creation.


If I had a van I could be talked into bring my Martin-Logan speakers too...

I can do pictures as well.

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I am pretty new to the sport, but would be interested to attend.


I could bring the Millett Max I just picked up off FallenAngel, and some Alessandro MS1i's.


If there is interest, and a PC running the requisite software, I could bring my Bolder modified Logitech SB3, the power supply, and the Felicia power conditioner.  It is a front end I use with my main system, and have for over 4 years now.  Could prove an interesting source for some of the cool amps you other more experienced headphone guys have.

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I am definitely interested.  My availability is fully dependent on how much work I have.

Thanks for the heads-up.

I might have to decide after the date is finalized.

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Great stuff so far.


I'll look into booking the room tomorrow morning and update the thread.

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Yup, I'll more than likely be there.  Pavel always has the best scotch and is the consummate host!

I'd prefer not to bring so much this time, but will bring whatever is asked for from my signature.

Outside of my signature I recently purchased a pair of HD 650's with Stefan Audioart Equinox cable, HD 600's with Moon Audio Cable,

Gilmore Light Amp & Power Supply and a Headroom Maxed Out Amp.

I am planning on selling the following so if you're interested let me know and I'll hold off listing on Head-Fi - Stax SR-X Mark 3, Fostex T-40's,

Little Dot Mark 3 Amp, E-Mu 0404 Dac/Amp, Schiit Asgard Amp.

Could probably raffle some sets of LD Amp tubes - all proceeds going to the host.

Anyways - if anyone wants to hear anything else in my inventory - let me know.

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Great to hear from you buddy!  As always, will be a pleasure to see you again.  I hope you bring the K1000 and LCD2s again, those are 2 headphones I can never resist spending some time with.  I have a pair of HD650s and I can likely build a custom cable for them by the time of the meet.


The Gilmore Lite is always a nice amp to have around, I've always absolutely loved the Dynalo.  Also, I've been meaning to find out what the Schiit is all about - so many rave reviews from first-time amp owners, but I would love a little more perspective.


As for the raffle offer, it is most appreciated! :)  Great idea about tubes, I should have a couple extra 6N6P tubes too, hope somebody can use them.  I think I'll raffle off another AlienDAC, I came across one a few months ago that I couldn't resist finishing building.


Also, about the scotch, I've recently discovered the Aberlour single malt that I've completely fell head over heels for!  Quite possibly my favorite scotch of all time and at such a fantastic price (about $60 for the 12 year old bottle and I would rather have this than the $250 Johnnie Walker Blue), I'll be sure to bring a bottle to this meet!


I'm going to order panels for my Buffalo 2, hopefully I'll finish the build for the meet.

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Charliex, thanks again for bringing out so much gear last time, it was so much fun just meandering over to your table and grabbing another amazing pair of headphones to try. If you don't mind bringing them I think it'd be fun comparing your LCD-2 to my HE-6.

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I'd love to come if there is space... only have HD-650, millett max (from fallenangel) and a diy dac that my cousin built though. Would bring a bottle of wine or something if end up not bringing anything.

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Awesome. My listening rig has been stable for the pass few months so I've got nothing new to show since the last meet, but I'll bring my exstata and sr-507 along again, and maybe a set of sr-lambda to compare with. :) 

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