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Calling all Sony MDR-7509HD owners. Please help!

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I love that my MDR-7506 is all metal housing.  I've been eyeing the MDR-7509HD to add to my collection.  Is the MDR-7509HD all metal too?  Where was yours made in?  My MDR-7506 was made in Japan. 



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no one???

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Oh man, my 7509HD is down in the desert. Can't remember if they're all metal or not, but I think so. Build construction is pretty good. I've hauled them around during travel and find them sturdy. I like the way they sound, too. Not the best I've heard, but still a good headphone. I'm surprised they don't get more attention around here.
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Does the v6 have a metal housing like the 7506?

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At least from pictures the MDR-7509HD look pretty plasticky... just take a look at amazon:


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Both the V6 and MDR-7506 have plastic cups. It's just a thin aluminum cover on the circular, outer part. Quite obvious if you open the baffles.

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I own the 7506, and just today bought the 7509HD.


More of the 7509HD parts are plastic than the 7506. The notched size adjusting arms, for example, are plastic on the 7509HD while they're metal on the 7506 (but maybe the 7509HD arms have metal inside the plastic??). As MDR30 mentioned, the 7506 has a metal plate (glued?) on the outside face of the cups. The raised part of the 7509HD cups are made entirely from metal, and secured with a screw.


I've barely had a chance to listen to the 7509HD, but here are my very initial impressions for anyone who's interested. The 7509HD is more revealing than the 7506--making bad recordings sound bad. The bass has less punch than the 7506 (which is too bad, since that was my favorite thing about the 7506), but seems to extend just as deep if not deeper. The treble of the 7506 can be sometimes slightly uncomfortable for me (screechy harmonica on some Dylan tracks, for example), but the 7509HD seems better in that regard without sacrificing anything. The 7506 can get a little congested during busy passages; the 7509HD does a little better.


Also, the roomier ear cups of the 7509HD make them more comfortable than the 7506 (though I wouldn't call the 7506 uncomfortable).

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The Sony fan in me wants to keep a pair of Sonys around for fun, heh heh.


7509HD is quite sturdy indeed.  The cups are part metal, part plastic.  I've modified mine quite a bit but look stock on the outside.

Plenty of PRaT with these.

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Don't know if this will be of any help, but I was a long term 7509 owner.


The MDR7509HDs were my first pair of modern closed phones, which I bought when I started getting serious about finding portable sound I really liked. I bought them after trying out a number of other closed phones. The Sonys had some advantages, very sensitive (you can drive these well unamped from a decent MP3 player), awesome isolation, and a reasonably flat frequency response. Excellent build quality and easy to carry. After using them regularly for a couple of years I found that I could never get them to provide a balance I liked without EQ (bass boost and mid-range cut) and even then never quite got used to the response (and I really don't like using EQ). Also I felt $45 for replacement pads was excessive, I was on my second set.


My next set of phones were the Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro-80s. Almost polar opposites. Much stronger bass (many people here say TOO much though I love strong bass) and a much more laid back mid-range. Imaging much better. Isolation quite good though I think the Sonys are better in this regard. Much less efficient than the Sonys, needs an amp. Not as classy looking as the Sonys. I prefer the Beyers.


Wasn't really looking for new phones, but then heard a pair of Thunderpants at a head-fi meet, and fell in love with them and ordered a pair. Not in the same price range at all as the Sonys, but some feel they are the ultimate closed phone. Looking forward to getting them.


Of course YMMV, just my $0.02.


P.S. wilyodysseus is that HP Lovecraft in your avatar?



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P.S. wilyodysseus is that HP Lovecraft in your avatar?


Hah. Yes, it is Lovecraft

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