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Suggest In-Ears Under $70

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Hey I'm currently currently in the market for IEMs because my current one broke. I was originally planning to buy the Sennehiser CX 380 but the problem was that if I bought it from here in New Zealand it would cost over $100 if I bought it from eBay even with the conversion it's around $60

The good thing about buying it here is that the shipping will be quicker and I know it will be genuine. But on eBay it's $40 cheaper but it could take 8-12 days to get here and there's also a risk it might be fake.

After doing some browsing I looked at other cheap IEMs like the Ultimate Ears Super FI 4 which is under $70.

Can someone please help me decide which In-Ear I can get under $70NZD I wouldn't consider myself as an Audiophile I've previously had SoundMagic PL12 and Skullcandy Titans. Boy they were horrible.

I would prefer if the earphones had good Bass I liked the Titans because it has bass that was sometimes over powering and rarely even gave me headaches but songs seemed fun to listen to. I don't really mind about highs or mids as long as it's clear but I would say bass is priority.
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Any chance you could order from overseas? I think the brainwavz M2 can still be had @ for $49.50 which is a steal. They smear the SF4 (and of course the Titans) all over the wall in my opinion.

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I just got some Xears Bullets - Not the best IEM I have listened to on the sheet on a technical side of things, but definitely the best £20 I've ever spent on a pair redface.gif

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I'm a fan of the Soundmaagic PL50s ($52 shipped from mp4nation).

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I retract the Xears being the best £20 I've ever spent, my Brainwavz M1 just came from Mp4nation - (Excellent service) - As an overall IEM I'm more impressed by these - size/ratio etc, 2 pairs for £20 on offer - What an absolute steal!

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Try the VSONIC GR06 or the VSONIC GR02 (Bass Edition).


VSONICs are probably some of the best price:sound ratio.

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I'd like to second joker on the M2. They truly are great value.


Haven't heard the VSonics mentiuoned by huzisong, but I hear great things about those as well.

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personally i will recommend Hippo VB and Final audio design Adagio II, best for buck and awesome sounding, pricing wise it really depends on location, but i know it wouldnt wander far

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