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Sony MDR D77 / D66 / Eggo

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Hi Folks,


I know this will be a long shot, but I am getting sentimental in my old age and I'm desperate to buy a pair of Sony MDR D77's (or similar) as I used to have a pair back around 1995 ish.


Can any of you helpfull people advise if this sounds possible and point me in the right direction?


Also - can any of you tell me if there is any information on the web about this range of headphones. I did a few searches but couldnt see much.


Best wishes,



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Dear Davy,

   I think I have seen one recently on ebay, please try that site.

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It's on ebay right now and the bidding will end in 1+ day.  The last bid is 81$

Please take a look there.

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Here's a link to the one on ebay-http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280620272240&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT


There's only one day left in the auction for this item.

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Are they supposed to be rare now?? I have so many of those, I think they are in storage though, would have to dig them out one day. ;)

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The D66's do come up for sale on Ebay once in a while but the D77's are harder to come by. I wouldn't exactly consider the D77 rare, just hard to find. Both cans used appear on Ebay and in the fs forum here regularly but haven't seen much of both in recent years. You can also try and post a want to buy ad in the fs forum.

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Hey guys,


I actually managed to get a pair of D66's on Ebay at the weekend. I used to own a pair of D77's - can anyone advise me the difference between d66's and D66SL's?


Any info greatly appreciated.



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There is no difference as they're both one in the same. The model is MDR-D66SL but everyone refers to them as D66. A some of the D66's where made in Japan and some were made in the Philippines. The ones that were made in Japan have a rubber like coating on the external surface of the earcups. The ones made in the Philippines don't have the rubber like coating on the earcups. I'm not sure if there's a sound difference between the two as I would have to compare the two versions that I have which are currently out on loan.

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