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New review pages layout

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I have just seen how different reviews now look due to a different layout. I honestly preferred the older layout, but I could live with the new one if at least it maintained the same elements as the older one, only with different formatting.


There are still pros and cons, but where is the purchase date and the price when it was purchased? I feel that those things are of some value.

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It's mainly about me not understanding the value of hiding information that I believe many other users beside myself would find useful. After all, looking at the price of a product in a certain time frame would also allow the user to understand price shifts along the time.


I just don't understand the point of hiding both prices and purchase datesfrown.gif

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Could anyone explain me why the price and date of purchase was removed from the Reviews???

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There's now an individual page for each review. Some of the finer point details of each review were moved from the multi-review page onto the single review page. We didn't remove any of the review elements. We just don't show the entire kitchen sink for all reviews, all at the same time, all on the multi-review page. Nothing's hidden or lost, though. Just click the review title to go to the full page for that review.

Seeing 10 purchase dates all the way down the page was a bit much. But we kept purchase date on the single review page because it tells you something about the review. The multi-review page is a lot cleaner now, but all the same information is on the site.

We wanted to make the multi-review page easy to read. On this page, someone who is considering buying the product will want to scan through the reviews. They want to know pros and cons. They want to look for common themes and phrases in the reviews. They don't need to know the purchase date of every review all at once, all up front. Think about the stars, too. Each review has 6 sets of 5 stars. Do you really want to see 60 sets of 5 stars on the page with 10 reviews? We kept the overall star rating on the list page, but moved the full gory details to the single review page.

On the plus side, as a reviewer, you now have an entire page dedicated to your review. Before, they all just lived in a list. No way to share YOUR review by URL. No way to receive comments on your review. I think if you're going to go to the trouble of writing a review, you deserve to get a page that is yours. Something you can post to FB or share by email or bookmark, etc. And you deserve to get comments to thank you or ask questions. You can have all that now. That was the other half of the thinking that went into this design choice.

Hope this helps explain the design choices!

Cheers - Andy
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Thanks for the explanation, Andy. I do understand the points about restructuring the reviews, but at least the prices should be displayed, as if there were too different prices, then when opening the individual reviews and checking the purchase dates, that could explain why the price differences. I would easily sacrifice the star ratings for two little text items, price and date of purchase.


Purchase dates can also set a timeline for a certain product that might have had its hardware revised, so the review is accurate for that time and not later (or before, if it's the case), due to different hardware specs of the same piece of equipment.

Price is also tied to the same line of thought, as both during a certain period of time or version 2 of gear X cost more (or less) due to having different specs.


I just think it would make things clearer without forcing people to open individual reviews in order to get the same info. The set of stars is big and would make loading slower, but a few characters not exactly.


Anyway, I'm just saying my 2 cents, wishing things to be different than they are now.

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Yeah I see what you mean. Those are good points. Perhaps we should concentrate that information into a table showing everyone's purchase date and price in an easy to read list rather than scattering it throughout a long list of reviews? Lemme put some more thought into it. Thanks for bringing it up. I appreciate the feedback.
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Those bits of information would be useful for both people looking to see how a certain piece of equipment fares compared to different hardware, helping people who might be interested in buying said equipment to be better informed, among a few other things.


I hope I don't come out too stingy about this, that's not my intention at all.

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Nope - no worries at all. I totally understand your points.
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Any news regarding the reviews? Every day I open the review pages, one of the first things I look for is the price of the product and its purchase date, only to remember it disappeared.


Please bring that back, it's just two lines of text, and far more useful to be on the front reviews page than the star ratings that take a lot of page when compared.

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