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It took four weeks before mine shipped from Edcor, which is a very typical turn-around time for them. 

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Cool. Getting excited to get this finished.  Anyone tested speakers with this? I was looking at the passive AudioEngine speakers myself...

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I think it took about 3 weeks for me to get my transformers. 


A large reason I decided to build this amp is because I have a set of bookshelf speakers I use at my computer (where my headphone system is located) and the amp I was using before was some cheap Chinese 150W speaker amp.  With that amp I couldn't really adjust the volume at all or it'd blast my head off, so I ended up having to use windows volume control at like 10%.  Very annoying.  This amp puts out something like 3W I believe and it is just perfect for me.  It can drive the bookshelves louder than I need and I get tons of play on the knob.  Sounds good too. :)

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Which bookshelf speakers do you have? I'm interested in knowing what other stats fans have for their speakers. :)

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My bookshelf speakers are McIntosh LS320.  My main speakers are Quad ESL-57. beerchug.gif

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Quad ESL! Of course haha! 


The McIntosh bookshelfs looks really sturdy. I'll take that into account when I decide to upgrade from my crappy polk audio speakers, thanks!

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I just received my shipping notification for my transformers! I should have this completed next Friday. Woohoo!!

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I'm currently putting the finishing touches on my build, did anyone else finish up theirs? 

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Mine is done. I'll get some more pictures posted - i have some in my profile. I truthfully have not spent much time with it since I bought the HE-6s. They are a little demanding, but I'll try to get some impressions on the amp written up as well.

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This amp is awesome :)  I've had it on for about two months straight with no problems at all.

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It looks very nice and PROFESSIONAL design bro! I wish i could make one for myself !

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I uploaded some new pictures. I did not resize them...might be HUGE.

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Good work on yours Wotts, I'm surprised you fit the ceramic tube sockets in there so well, congrats! :) 


I'm finally all done! Here's a few pics:










Tubes seem to be tough to find, most of the tube suppliers only have one or two 13EM7s sitting in their inventory; it's hard to find two of the same type with the exception of Raytheons and GEs. 


Full build details and pics are available here: http://www.diyaudioblog.com/2011/02/starting-pete-milletts-jonokuchi.html

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Wow! That looks amazing! May I ask where the case came from? I read the blog, didn't notice that on the first pass through.



I don't recall where I got my tubes from, but they are Westinghouse. Maybe a rebrand? I bought a second pair on ebay. Those are RCA. As for the sockets, I had to ream out the top plate to make them fit. They still rise out of the case about 1/4".

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VERY nice!

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