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I haven't heard anyone talk about these besides joker. Anyone else heard these? Im thinking about getting them. But I would also like some suggestions for some iems in the same price range.Thanks

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I have a pair of these, they sound great, I listen mostly to Classical music with them.  In that price range I would also recommend the Altec Lansing UHP336 which is a rebrand of the 3 studio.  I use those pretty regularly as well.  If you like a more fun IEM the Brainwavz M1 is in that price range on amazon.

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Good info, what do you think is the strong point of the JVC sound?

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I recently bought a pair of these to replace my aging Sennheiser CX-500's which started to develop a fault with the in line volume control.


Not as loud as the senn's but still got a very nice range of sound coming from them. Nice bass when its called for, mids dont sound too drowned out and highs are quite clear, even with a lot of other sounds going on.


Mainly listen to more techno/metal and trance so i recon they get a decent all round, not as diverse as others but its varied enough.


Usually dont use any sound altering presets on my ipod either so its about as true to sound as it'll come based on my listening profile.

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