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this review must be read from the beginning till the end of this thread.
the review is made with updates, certain changes due to mental and iem burn in.
please bear some time to understand the feelings and the experience WE want to share.
may we find happiness to this journey.
some photos...to share with you what it looked like.
the box
the black metal iem with a black ipod

the case and the iem

the accessories

the vortex case

what youll get

the mic and controller

charcoal metal

the wire
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most of my reviews are all the same...
i know you all guys find it kinda boring.
ill try to do it differently this time...

imagine this....
think of your p3k.
and think of an iem in price range of p3k.
think of a brand.
think of all the good stuff in it.
think of the sound.
the look.
the build.

i always thought that a good iem built like tank with a good set of accessories thrown in the box, plus the nicest silicon rubber case i ever lay my hands on should always be pricey...
well, im wrong.
these are the cheapest iem in metal.


Moshi is a popular brand.
if you are an apple user, then you know this company thru their APPLE accessories: from macbook pro, ipod, ipad covers, screen cleaning cloths, screen protectors...everything about apple, they have it.
now, they are also invading the in ears, like the MONSTER audio and video cables.


now, lets see in the box.
it says "VORTEX, dive deeper into music"
the packaging is made of metallic paint, like the one you see in your silver ipod classic.

here are its features:
RIGIDBODY steel alloy construction delivers deep, clean bass.
HIGH definition neodymium drivers with extended range (10Hz-20kHz / 10dB@1kHz)
Braided ultra light weight cable with integrated MEMS microphone.
Custom silicon carrying case.

well, this iem is really made of steel.
its like SUPERMAN's iem.
and its closer to the PANASONIC HJE900's sturdiness.
although, they are not exactly the same material...
this iem is made of pure alloy.
and the hje900 is made of zirconians.
by looking at its shape...its kinda familiar right?
its like a sennheiser ie8 and a MONSTER's LADY GAGA IEM.
its weird.

the sound is surprisingly good.
to sum it all up, here is the mixture that i find to be distinct to many of the iems ive heard...or familiar with.

the highs is similar and distinct to the highs of klipsch s4.
sweet. just the right amount of it, not overly done like the pannys. it is never sibilant. very similar to the klipsch s4...almost the same.

lush and super liquid.
the mids is close to the pannys, but this is a lot liquid and lush than the pannys, but the pannys presentation of mids is grainy because its where the micro details are presented.
Liquid and lush, but not smooth mids.

ive heard the lows of this before in the meets. similar to the presentation of the sennheiser ie8,  monster copper and klipsch s4s.
big. heavy. strong. and fun.
youll have to be deaf to say this has weak lows.
this is where it helps me feel like the presentation of music is big.
its like above-my-head-feel.

to equate it:
VORTEX = klipsch s4's HIGHS.
               panny's mids (only more liquid and lush here BUT not smooth)
               ie8's, copper's low. (very similar, but the quality and quantity may differ)

well, for its price...
youll get "almost similar and distinct"  BUT NOT PERFECTLY THE SAME to the 3 iems ive mentioned above.
the mixture of this is like having all 3 iems in one package.
imagine the price of those 3 iems : ie8 is p15-20k, the pannys is $200+ and the klipsch s4 is p3,500.
well, the resolution here is not as great as the pannys (micro details) but its already more than descent of its price.

i love the case. its really unique in all iems ive had. very soft and stury. its like a luxury case...the build is great. metal. the shape is good. i can use it in my sleep.

the included silicon tips is very SONY-like-silicon tips.

and there is a free olive tips too, similar also to the SHURE's.

you get a built in mic.
and a controller for your music.
very NEAT!

what i like most is that MIDS.
very very liquid. 
its like flowing and oozing with quality.

im afraid of the wires...this is my first iem with braided wires.
i dont know if this will last with abuse.

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"Indulge your senses, 
electrify your soul"

premium in ear by moshi.

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i say, this iem is of premium quality.

the build is just great.

looking at the accessories and the best IEM CASE EVER.


the sq of this is not the best among all iems, but at its price range it is more than descent.


if you want an upgrade to your earbud (stock) earbud, this maybe it.


LUSH and LIQUID midrange is where this iem excel in sound quality.

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i really dont know how to explain this but, this iem is not engaging that will make you thump and dance on your music.
its a little similar to the panny's dreamy signature, yet more liquid and lush.
i dont believe this is warm nor cold.
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but...the details is presented as one.
it has no micro details as the pannys but, the liquidness is enough to be something worth owning.

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im starting to smile now...
because this is almost fully burned in...the resolution now is very close to the refinement of the panasonic hje900.
i think, if moshi use the zirconia as the material here, moshi and panny may share the same sq.

panny is very good in strings and pianos.
here, almost...almost the same now.


the sound here is big.
bigger when it hits the bass.
what it lacks here is the space for air to move well.
there are certain tracks where its like a bit congested at tracks with many instruments.

but there is no perfect iem it seems. ;D

and another update again-----

this iem is a bit power-hungry.
it needs more volume to sound fuller.
it needs 80% of ipod's volume.
what i like here also is the sound.
so FULL.
like i mentioned before in the review...it sounds as one.

there is a better depth and height.
thats why i call it BIG.
the room for instrument separation is lacking.
i cant say its closer to the pannys, it doesnt belong to me anymore for some time, and i have no right to compare it from memory here...i cant remember.


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at first listen...
you will be welcomed by this mids.
its like inviting you to come in.
very friendly to the ears...even to some who is new into this hobby.

the sound here is really captivating. a little addictive.
ive had the same experience before with the pannys.
the airiness, the ILLUSION of being surrounded by the lush music/mid is here.

to give you an example, ive been playing since yesterday all of the familiar tracks of REGINE VELASQUEZ, youve known her voice right?
the lips, on how she say a word...its all dramatic here. the mids helps a lot...to make the music more like youre under the illusion of under her spell.

i wonder if it felt the same with the MILES davis, my dream iem....

in pannys, you experience the same...the echo feel.
but with the graininess of micro details plus the sibilance of some tracks.
here, no sibilance, and no graininess, only the lush and liquid midrange (forward).

it is like the same feeling in the klipsch s4.
the experience here is worth the price of the iem.
the klipsch s4 is also priced at p3k, but this has better build...and better accessories too!

i find this to be a problem to certain tracks...mostly to more energetic tracks with lots of loud instruments and vocals.

this is a mid-level iem, but like the pannys, they both perform like the HI END BIG BOYS.


i believe the BUILD contributes a lot to the sound.
like what is said in the box, it helps in resonance.
i dont know how to explain this but....this iem is worth the try.

the build is really something worth mentioning.
because most iem with build like this is found among the top tiers...
and cost a lot.

well, for p3k iem..
in internet, its $80...
its still exceptionally cheap.

by looking at all the included accessories, i cant believe they were priced only like that.
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LET EM BURN guys...
the sound will change a bit.

and youll notice the airiness and liquidness of its mids.
i can say that the details here are all there, but not too much focused like the pannys.
the bass here is very energetic and full, making the sound big.


sorry, i cant comment much, since im not good at defining the soundstage here, maybe because it is limited by its nature as an IEM.
or there is nothing worth mentioning...

BUT, all i can say is..the SOUND here is BIG, BASHFULLY BAD, yet polite in his own ways...
play some energetic tracks, and youll be satisfied by the amount and quality of the sound.

when i critically listen to a certain track, i hear the sound to be out of the head (BIG).
like the other reviewer in online said, "the sound here at first listen is focused in bass, but then he noticed, NO...its not. its just there when it is called, and very fun."

as far as i remember, it is resembled to the ortofon's tube like quality.
alike in quality but not in quantity, perhaps.

again, on the soundstage, its like im hearing a lot of depth...and details and layers...at the back of the singer, the bass here is big, also the voice...
i think...it is very minimal in wideness, but the depth is where its strong point lies.

there are points/times when i hear a quality-sr325is-like bass.
its full, its strong, and big.
yet, just maybe on some certain tracks...like ROCK. POP.
but not as deeper as the pannys. but still, to the JOYFUL side.

there is a small instrument separation, i believed...
maybe affected by the character of the mids with this forward and liquid quality.
still, all is there, thrown at you, with depth-ness.

hypothetically, i believe, their strategy here is like the panasonic hje900, introduced under $100 in the market, and when it became famous...it will price above $100.
not sure though...just a thought. :P

mac site:http://www.macworld.com/reviews/product/648764/review/vortex.html
techie: http://www.techie.com.ph/reviews/moshi-audio-vortex
beatweek: http://www.beatweek.com/iphone/ipodiphoneitunes/6890-moshi-vortex-earbuds-for-iphone-and-ipod-review/



We were very impressed with the Vortex's performance. From the moment we plugged it into our trusty office PC and played Earth, Wind, and Fire's disco classic Let's Groove, we knew that what this was no ordinary set of earphones. Audio is detailed from every audible spectrum. From the bassy synthesizer to the high-pitched vocals, the Vortex held up with much aplomb. 

The illusion of space is so convincingwe swore we thought we were wearing over-the-ear headphones instead of in-ears.


The body is made of solid steel alloy which Moshi calls "RigidBody." They claim it minimizes vibration, thus making everything sound better. They were right.



After testing out the Moshi Vortex, the good news is that there’s more good news than bad news.



Off the box, Moshi immediately mentions that the Vortex was sonically optimized for Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B and Electronic.


Bass part was so solid that it was kinda hypnotizing. Vocals were still clear and crisp and were not overshadowed by the bass. Went with something more heavy and I stumbled upon DMX’s Get It On The Floor. Wow! Bass was really kicking. Low, mid and upper bass was translated cleanly.
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ive played the CORRS acoustic tracks...
and heard the soundstage loud and clear.
i say, the soundstage is LARGE for an iem.

im using the ipod classic 160g (latest) with EQ, treble booster ON.

all the clapping hands from audience are all clear, pointing where they were, but compared to good pair of headphone, like my grado sr325is, there is so much space for each of that people....here, it may NOT be ON PAR with my sr325is, but considering THIS IS JUST AN IEM, is simply IMPRESSIVE PERFORMER.

EVERYBODY HURTS, Andrea's voice here is very nice.
its like youre among the performers, and she is in front of you...something that i find to be similar with my ue700's 3d soundstage.
the strings strumming here, is very very engaging. involving. 
by the way, im playing WAV files here...

"pitos" from the crowd...
and im like there...IMMERSED into their claps.
there is a group of people...i say less than 100, but more than 50 listeners.  
if that is the soundstage...it is really impressive. 

at the end of this song, all the people / audience clap their hands all at once...with 
i think...

HASTE TO WEDDING, LIVE CONCERT, all the cheering crowd can be heard clearly with a distance of space from the performers...along with the cheering, shouting and happy crowd...all together with the instruments....wow.
i dont believe that this is an iem anymore.
or im maybe the defining the track here, and not the iem anymore, still im loving the music...and the kind of sig it carries (iem)

it has great DEPTH and WIDTH compared to most iems.
like i said, the sound here is BIG.

I SUGGEST, go and try to listen to HIGH QUALITY file of ACOUSTICs or LIVE PERFORMANCES. 
and you will learn its true strength.
the kick of drums is of high quality.
convincing to the realism of music.

im just using the ipod right now thru its hp out.
what more if i paired my macbook pro with a dac?

and im really happy with my choice of having this iem. ;D
its like having the pannys without the sibilance, with forward mids (tube like but not great as the ortofons) and the fun powerful bass.

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i end my findings and review into...

this iem is closer to a good headphone in terms of performance. especially the bass and the mids.

a burn in is necessary.


a high quality iem. indeed.

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hi pinoyman,

can't agree more with your reviews on the vortex. just bought mine after testing a couple of iems at a local store (including using Audio-Technica's ATH-M50 as a bench mark) and am really happy with my purchase. I am surprised at the poor reviews on amazon.

The vortex is really worth every single cent paid for (considering its relatively low price).


For the rest of the guys reading this:


really like the lows here..if you like heavy bass, you should really consider this. the moonrock is a little more muddy in comparison to the vortex for my liking. while the vortex pro, in comparison, has a more defined highs, but rolled off lows. (if moshi can provide the freq graphs would be great).


Low Mids:

The low mids sounded pretty good as well.. not too much to make it sound muffled on overall sound.


High Mids:

good in this range too. you can hear the details especially for acoustic guitar sounds, but not too much till the vocals sound like mickey mouse.



not as defined as i would like.. but "hi-fi" enough for me.




note: be warned on the foam earbuds- they tend to come off easily from the stem that holds onto the earphones. this happened to me too. read from another review page that it appears Moshi is aware about it and am ready to replace it with new/updated earbuds. i had to go back to the vendor for replacement; only to be told that they will contact the local supplier that will in turn contact Moshi. the vendor temporarily replaced mine with 'new' ones (same make that came with the earphones). was really glad that they acknowledged that it was a manufacturer's fault.


latest update: wrote to moshi about the foam tips about 2 weeks ago and just received the new foam tips. they seem to have made them easier to take off from the ear-piece but added a stronger/more glue to keep the foam attached to the holder stem. Anyway, just glad that they responded by giving me new ones. btw: they also gave an additional pair of silicone eartips.

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^thanks for the update.

anyway, its been awhile since i sold mine.

but considering the price of this iem, its still listed as one of the finest "bang for the buck" iem out there.

though, i find the meelec cc51 to be good in sound quality, it can't match the build and also the included package of the vortex is never short of amazing!


glad to know your loving this iem.

hopefully, i could get hands on those new CLARUS by moshi.

its a dual dynamic, i think.

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hi pinoyman,


managed to test the Clarus at a local store. the sound is definitely clearer and more defined at the mid-highs to highs range.

the lows are pretty good too.

i find that i would not be able to use them to listen to rock music for a long time as my ears would feel 'fatigue'. (at a reasonable volume and i was just listening half way into 1 music track).

the hooks are also not very comfortable to wear them though.


would suggest u try them out first before purchasing them. :)

Cheers dude!

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thank u sir.
gonna try them out once i had the chance.
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