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My favorite splitter is this one from plusSound. It's nice and small and understated.

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Here's a potato quality pic of a cable I'm working on right now.  I used a 45ACP bullet casing with the primer pocket drilled out for the Y-split and a 223REM rifle casing with the neck cut off for the 3.5mm plug handle.  I built up a few layers of heatshrink on the cable and then press-fit the casings into place.

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I'm planning to make a few headphone cables soon, and wondering, is a Y-split even necessary (if you're braiding)?

If you're braiding four wires then switch to two twisted pairs, would it actually come undone without a Y-split of some sort? So far I've only made a pair of speaker cables (following these instructions: but that was four wires per cable, transferring to two twisted pairs at each end, and it worked just fine without a splitter.

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It won't necessarily come undone but it might be harder to keep tension in the braid. You don't need a splitter but at least use some heat shrink. A small bit on each side, left and right and one over all four wires is plenty to keep it held together.
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