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Originally Posted by musicbased View Post

Does this work with mac OSX?

If i connect from the mac-vlink-dac does it show up in core audio as an audio device?

I want to use this while mixing in logic..


Yes, it does. It definitely shows up in Sound Preferences to select as an output device.

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Thats great, thanks grokit!

Looks like i will spending some more money soon..rolleyes.gif

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Here comes the d*mned driver V-Link192USBV1.48.exe


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I installed V 1.61 on the weekend on Windows 7 and was amazed at the "improvement" in sound coming out of my dac. Big step forward in details and imaging. My neutral sounding dac is much more neutral now, though, and I'm adjusting to the changes. My best recordings are that much better, while lesser recordings are not as much fun to listen to as they were before.
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What are the differences between the V-Link I and V-Link II besides the case?

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Sample rates i supose...

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Hi there,


Just got a V-Link II and plugged it into a PC running Ubuntu. The USB signal doesn't lock (actually it does for a few seconds when I turn on the computer - the green light appears - then stops). The command cat /proc/asound/VLink/stream0 returns:


Musical Fidelity Musical Fidelity V-Link at usb-0000:00:1d.1-1, full speed : USB Audio
  Status: Stop
  Interface 1
    Altset 1
    Format: S24_3LE
    Channels: 2
    Endpoint: 1 OUT (ASYNC)
    Rates: 32000, 44100, 48000, 88200, 96000
First line is encouraging, but then why does it say "Status: Stop"? How do I turn it back on?
Thanks for any help!
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The "stop" status means your interface is not working, because it has nothing to deal with (no data are coming into your interface) :tongue_smile:. To get that status "Running", you juste need to play a song from your favorite player...

Thus that playback status is correlated with the green light from the V-link which means exactly the same (on : data coming in, off : no data).

About the fact it turns on few sec. while you're turning on your computer is related to the BIOS doing hardware analysis, like an optical mouse sensor turning on few seconds then getting back to off and finally turning back to on when your OS starts handling it.

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