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The V-Link doesn't upsample. I don't know for sure but I can't see a reason that V-Link II would upsample.

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2 questions:


1. my DAC only supports up to 48kHz/24bit (it will lock up on anything higher).  Can someone verify that  will not upsample everything to 96kHz?  In other words, can it be adjusted in settings/properties?  Also, I'd appreciate it if someone with with a Mac/OSX can verify.


2. Musical Fidelity's website now shows the "V-Link II. Anyone seen this?  Any upgrades from the original? http://www.musicalfidelity.com/products/V-Series/V-LINK/v-link.asp






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Just wanted to add that the V-Link has dramatically increased my listening pleasure connected to the Cambridge Audio DACMAGIC. The sound is fuller, cleaner, and more dynamic.  These two products are the best audio values I have ever realized. 

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Just ordered the V-Link but the more I am thinking about it then more I am second guessing its benefit in my setup.....


Currently: PC USB > V-DAC > Matrix M-Stage


I can see the benefit of galvanic isolation from the V-Link to the V-DAC via Digital Optical.....HOWEVER, the big question becomes:


Since my computer already has a digital optical out, is the V-Link exactly necessary?


The more I've thought about, it seems the V-Link is for users without any digital means to connect their DAC.  Please do correct me if I'm wrong.





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Originally Posted by I3eyond View Post

.....Currently: PC USB > V-DAC > Matrix M-Stage...



The V-Link is used to convert USB to S/PDIF. It changes the flow control from the computer controlling the flow (possibly with lotsa jitter) to the V-Link controlling it asynchronously (hopefully with much less jitter). It also has a secondary benefit for those with dacs that have better performance through their s/pdif inputs than through their usb inputs.

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Musical fidelity have a Dac called *V-DACII. 

24 BIT 96 kHz asynchronous USB as #V-LINK.


v dac 2.JPG



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Some of you guys have mentioned the DI being better than the V-link... I have had the V-link II and DI with my Metrum Octave and compared ti over a full weekend.

I think the V-link II won out hands down. DI makes everything sound like it's fuzzy once I heard the V-link II. The bass was distorted and wasn't as tight, imaging wasn't quite right and everything was just not held together well with the DI. You know, when you see a water colour, there is that element of fuzziness around every line from the bleeding out of the colours? It reminded me of that, when I heard the DI after the V-link II.

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v-link 192 is around the corner


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Isn't that three V-link releases in the the space of about a year, these guys really move fast!

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192 is a separate product, not a replacement for the standard V-link series. It's priced much higher and uses the  xmos chip like stello U3, and Anedio. If that's what your after, you don't need to wait for the V-link 192, just get the Anedio now.

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FWIW: "Availability: Ships Today"

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Does anybody know how it is possible V-LINK 192 to work properly under windows 7 without any drivers? 192khz? I'm confused!

Maybe, someone has this unit...

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Does anybody know how it is possible V-LINK 192 to work properly under windows 7 without any drivers?


Why do you think this is possible?

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I DON'T. But I can't find any drivers on MF website & in descriptions on some sites talking about absence of driver. And I'm asking how to work under W7 :)

Originally Posted by cladisch View Post


Why do you think this is possible?

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I just purchased the V-Link 1. Connected it to my Win7 Pro laptop and it installed the drivers automatically. However when I select the V-Link as the output device in foobar2000 (latest version) and play an HDCD ripped disc it's not being detected as an HDCD on my HDCD capable DAC. Usually this is an indication that the digital output isn't bit perfect.


I installed WASAPI off the foobar2000 site, and when I select WASAPI: V-Link in the output in foobar I get this error when I try and play a file.


"Unrecoverable playback error: Unsupported stream format: 44100 Hz / 16-bit / 2 channels"


Any ideas? It does this with any file.


edit: this was solved by setting bit output to 24 bit in foobar2000 (still bit perfect)

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Does this work with mac OSX?

If i connect from the mac-vlink-dac does it show up in core audio as an audio device?

I want to use this while mixing in logic..

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