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I gave these a listen today at Futureshop (Canadian version of Best Buy). Overall not impressed. Nothing that bad... just nothing that really stood out as good. Fit was ok, but could have been better. Isolation was lousy. Soundstage was just average. Frequency response was quite wobbly, with some really hard peaks and valleys in the treble (moreso than typical headphones). Appearance was kinda weird; the leathery parts were nice, but the plastic parts really don't look that nice up close. Build quality felt good though. The built-in EQ was rather limited, only giving you adjustable bass or treble control. You could either boost or diminish, which by my ear couldn't have been more than +/-6 dB. If anything, I would say the diminish was better than the boost. In terms of amping, these would definitely benefit more from an amp. I only had my Fuze with me and was unable to get any "decent" volume out of it.


For the MSRP of $300, not worth it. If priced around $150-200 they would be more reasonable, but still not a top choice. An amp might bring up the sound quality, but I have my doubts that it would be enough to make this headphone competitive.

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I like that it says "in ear headphones" beside it.  I don't think that would be very comfortable to try.

That's a box for the EB950
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Ive' got about 20 hours burn-in and i must say these sound pretty darn good. They look good - but the tactile part doesn't score well. The low grade plastic covers and usage on the built-in EQ and the cables themselves. It's as though they had a good start on a quality product and then used the most economic pieces to put the rest of it together.. FrankenTDK. I'm wary of their quality control but I will soon find out how their customer service is.


Comfort - they are tight and a bit heavy. Nothing that I can't tolerate though. Cable? Can't describe it. I can either laugh or cry about it. I choose to laugh.  Ok, there's the thing, the built in EQ does have a purpose. Because of the high impedance, the EQ does provide adequate boost and fullness to the sound. You don't need to have it on though. I use a FIIO e17 and it drives it nicely. I do have to max the gain and I like put the bass at +10.. but for real nice, tight, base that extends to a rolling rumble, have both the built in EQ bass and the DAC make my mind go wowowowow. I know this isn't a perfect setup, but I am pleased that I have these options available to me. lows - excellent. sparkly highs. great. I tend to keep the highs toned down a bit for a warmer presentation. These really do sound smooth and powerful, but because they are tight and closed, definitely compromising soundstage. I do like what the little EQ does and for those who are new to high impedance phones, this is a good a cheap way to get more experience  with these phones.  My father certainly has some nostalgia from his old hifi days,  - maybe i'll pick up a pair for him as a belated father's day.  Curious to read about other's experience on these and speculation on where TDK is going with this?



I'm looking for a mid-range phone that is smooth, extended bass, (prefer to avoid midbass hump)  It helps if they good, too :)

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Six months after my ST-800, it sounds better and better, far beyond my HD-25 and very close to HD-600cool.gif

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I just scored a pair of these at fry's on closeout for $45. I don't believe at that price there is anything out there even close. Sure, they are no match for my $1500 Sennies, but I plan to take these on the plane vs the beats I have. Only issue is they are heavy like the Denons and don't fold. Comes equiped with a cloth carrying pouch. The Eq function is a bit of a gimmick, but it does work and I love the volume control on the earpiece function. At this closeout price, I recommend you run out and buy a pair before they are gone. I am kind of excited to plug these into the Amp and see how much more I can get out of them.

Great Isolation (Closed)
Good Mids crystal clear.
Very good treble for a closed can
Bass a bit lacking. Especially punch.
Soundstage typical of this type of headphone
At $45 I would rate it a solid 8.5 out of 10. I certainly plan to keep them. At the original $300, I would have passed.
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Got a pair of these for $40, and my what a deal. It's sad they're discontinued, but most folks seem to agree that they weren't worth the original MSRP of $300. I've never tried a pair of $300 headphones, aside from 2 minutes with a Beats Studio, so I can't agree with any authority. I can say they sound better than the Sennheiser HD558 I tried and the HD280 Pro that I still own. Compared to the 558s, the treble is brighter (which I like), the bass is as well defined and provides more punch as well. The 200 ohm impedance has caused me some small trouble, but I can kick on the built-in EQ/amp when needed. There's some small loss of sound quality, but it's not bad and far better than not being able to play at decent volume. As others have mentioned, the EQ only does treble and bass which is annoying. If you're going to throw in an equalizer, why not put in a few bands or presets? The volume knob/mute button is nice, BUT the EQ has to be powered on to control it. As it is, I only switch on the EQ when I'm connected to a weak source, rather than eat through batteries.


They're a touch uncomfortable after a few hours of wear, which is saying something when you consider I can wear a pair of HD280s for hours on end. My ears become a bit warm, and the earpads chafe a bit. Isolation is good, with my partner telling me that she can't hear a thing even with the volume cranked.


For budget cans, these can't be beat, even though they weren't meant to be in the clearance section. If you're out at a discount store (Marshall's, Ross, TJ Maxx, etc.) check the electronics section and see if you can grab a pair of these...

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Same as my impression
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Does anyone know how to open these headphones? Pad's come off easily but beyond that I don't know what to do. I'm not impressed by the sound but I love the build and looks. I was thinking about driver transplant...


EDIT: Figured it out. The four circles that seem solid plastic at first look do come off and behind those stickers are the screws.

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