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Getting the last few %...

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Looking for info on what music app to use.   My setup is as follows:


Source:  MacBookPro for Lossless CD rips and some 96x24 and 192x24 files from HDTracks.


The laptop is plugged into a Nuforce Icon HDP with a mini-optical cable.


I also use 650D headphones with the Icon.




So I think I have a fairly decent setup from the raw digital data files to the headphones.  Now, I'm trying to figure out what app to use on the Mac.  I tested VLC, Soundbird and iTunes side by side.  It seemed to me that VLC was cleaner/faster than the other 2.  Overall, there seemed to be a real difference in the sound from VLC and Soundbird/iTunes.  Soundbird and iTunes didn't seem to have a lot of difference.  Of course, I have to use VLC or Soundbird for the 24bit audio files.


I was actually shocked to hear that much of a difference in the music application.  So, the question I pose to the experts out there, which app is best for Mac? 



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I’m certainly no expert here, however I’ve stressed it enough within my last couple of posts to use the Foobar2000 / WASAPI combo, rather than iTunes or Winamp etc etc. Although I don’t know whether it works with a laptop, or a Mac? Hope you can get some better help from what I can offer, sorry mate.



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Check this thread out, http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/477315/better-sound-for-mac-users-pure-music-player/90#post_7269914


I just downloaded the pure music player and have noticed a difference in playback quality whilst still retaining the ease of use of iTunes. Win-win for me.

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