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Hd650 balanced cable: Which one?

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Hey guys, I have a balanced setup with my hd650's - featuring a balanced diy cable I got for 125, a little dot mkvii+ and a little dot dac 1 -


Was wondering what a really good balanced cable would be, or the differences between them to help get the full gains of my midrange system.


I was looking at the TWag2 hd650 cable, but I haven't heard much buzz on it...and I'm not sure I can afford SAA - but I would save for it if it was the best bet - I don't know much about Zu or moonaudio - I guess some feedback and direction is what I'm really looking for.


Thanks in advance,


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i'm using a cable made with cryoparts SCSCag terminated with balanced furutech xlr


i've tried many and this one is the best of the bunch.


If you prefer to have a softer cable but with the same sonic qualities

i would highly consider to buy whiplash TWag v2.

Pure Silver is the only conductor wire that will unleash the sound of your hd 650.

that's my opinion after many comparison tests between different cables.


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Thanks alot for your input!


I will be contacting Craig shortly cos of this...I appreciate it.


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