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Hello everyone. I am thinking of getting the UHA-4, but I am debating spending a bit more on the UHA-6 MKII.


I can see that one of the posters above says that it is worth the extra money. I was just looking for a few more opinions.


I own the Ultrasone Signature DJ. It isn't hard to drive, but I am looking for an upgrade from my computer's soundcard and do not want to lose the detail, soundstage and bass that the Sigs provide.


I should add that this would be my first dac/amp purchase. I am also not the type to purchase a bunch of equipment to audition and slowly "go up the ladder". I mean to say that I would like to make one purchase and stick with it for a long time. I do have a budget though, and the UHA-6 MKII would be as high as I am willing to go


As far as portability goes, as long as it has a battery and I can use it without a wallwart, that's good enough for me. I mean to say that if one is a bit thicker but is clearly better, that would be the right choice.


ClieOS's sub-200 amp shootout is what brought me here. Something tells me that I would be happy with the UHA-4, but I just want to know if I'll be missing out on a lot for not wanting to spend the extra $80.

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I haven't heard the UHA-4, but recently got the 6Sii.  It rocks pretty hard.  I had the same quandary as you and decided to just go with the nicer dac/amp so I didn't find myself being bit by the upgrade bug a few months later.  I'd love to hear it side by side with the UHA-4 and see if there is a big difference...

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i recently upgraded to the 6Smk2(209) from a uha4(627) and the 6s is simply in another league.

the uha4 was a very clean and neutral amp but to me, the price difference is absolutely worth it.
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I agree. If you can afford to spend a little extra and get the MKII. They are on different levels and that is the truth (IMO) :P.

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ANyone roll the opamps in the UH4A amp to like OPA627.... isst just as easy as plug and play?

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Originally Posted by nakedtoes View Post

ANyone roll the opamps in the UH4A amp to like OPA627.... isst just as easy as plug and play?


Err, no. UHA-4's opamp are soldered on the PCB. If You want to roll opamp, you need to get the UHA-6S MK2 instead.

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THanks... anyone UH4A amps comes with OPA 627? how does it sound like ?

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Hi guys, haven't been on here in awhile due to a heavy schedule and shifting interests on other threads. Thought I'd pop by and say I'll be doing a fall clean out sale soon. I'm thinking of letting my UHA-4 go due to me having way to many amps around. My UHA-4 is in excellent condition is completely black in color and has the 8610 chip installed. Thought I'd post this here and do a interest check on the unit and see if it's worth it to me to let the little amp go. If anyone is interested feel free to PM me.

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Hi, just got a UHA-4 with OPA627 opamp. So far, I really like the detail resolution this tiny amp is capable of doing. From a very sensitive JH16 to a 600-ohm Beyerdynamic T1 this tiny Leckerton can properly drive both phones.


I got the O2 ahead of UHA-4 because I thought the tiny amp won't have enough power to properly drive a 600-ohm headphone. I'm glad I was wrong.


Pairing UHA-4 to a DX50 is a very portable, capable rig that can drive a wide variety of phones. The DAC section maybe useless for me but it's a pretty nice add-on.


I think my journey of finding the most portable and compact rig without sacrificing the SQ I prefer ends here.


DX50 -> UHA-4 -> JH16/T1

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