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For Sale or Trade: SA6's, now with freebie!

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For Sale or Trade:
SA6's, now with freebie!

Will Trade For: Very open to suggestions
Will Ship To: Anywhere

So. I have some used HD448's in perfect condition. They have only been worn at my desk. Never left the house. No physical damage. I opened them up once, and considered modding them, housing still fits tightly though. SOLD!


The SA6's include all original tips/ports except for ONE bass = port, which I lost. Also the Treble - tips were modded to be treble +++ tips. They are also free of any damage/scratches, even though I wore them out and about, I still took excellent care of them. I have all original packaging for the SA6's. 2009 version.


Willing to trade both or just one for whatever you may be willing to offer. Really looking for some HD650's with maybe some cash from my end. DBA-02's would be the dream though. I'll consider amps/dac's too. Price is very negotiable. 


SA6 ~ $120 shipped CONUS, overseas more.

HD448 ~ $80 shipped CONUS, overseas more. ~ SOLD!


Buy now, receive some FREE Philips deluxe X-tra Bass headphones! True Audiophile quality! LINK eek.gif

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I also have the HD448 carrying pouch and 1/4 inch adapter. 

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Bumping from the bottom of the page.


In the interest of full disclosure: I took the HD448's out in their case because my friend was considering  purchase. I listened while sitting in the library. That is all.

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Hi can you email me at so we can talk more thanks :) 

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SA6 sale pending.

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