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This is my first thread on this forum, so bear with me as I'm just starting out. I'm looking for some advice on headphones or IEMs with great build quality for commuting.


My past experience has been mostly with IEMs, as I like their discreetness a lot when I go somewhere. I've had Denon AH-C710's followed by Etymotic MC5's, which is where I'm currently at. i listen to pop, hip-hop, electronica and rock in that order mostly.


All in all, I like the sound of the MC5's although I find the bass a bit lacking, everything on the high end sounds good enough for me, and the mids are adequate. 


What I'm really annoyed at is the cable quality however, and I recently tried the ATH-M50, HD-25 II and TMA-1's to see how they would fare against my IEMs. Overall I was dissapointed, because I found the MC5 to be superior to all of the above mentioned models in sound quality when playing straight from my Ipod. the headphones had them trumped in bass, but only in quantity in my opinion, and the rest was either muddied or just plain weak (the files I used were 320 kbs mp3's). 


Of course, it was another story when I plugged them into the rigs that the store had for listening purposes. I think I liked the HD-25's most at the time, even though I missed some of the bass elements and space of the ATH-M50's (I had written of the TMA-1's at this point). I was a bit confused by this, since I've seen a lot people write about how you wouldn't need an amp or dac for these headphones.


Now, I've seen some people give a lot of praise to the ATH-ES10, and how their larger drivers really makes a difference. I will have a chance to try these out in a few weeks, but I would like to know more about they compare to the other headphones above. Maybe I did something wrong? I really don't know. Maybe I'm just confused and should just stick to IEM's? What I do know is that I want something of good quality, and I'm prepared to spend the amount of money required to get something in the priceclass of the ATH-ES10 (The best price class I got out of KuboTEN was $350, all costs included). Only if neccessary though, of course.


To finish off, like I stated in the thread title, I'm open to all kinds of suggestions to my dilemma, and if any more information about my preferences or anything else is required, I'll try to give that as well.


I'm looking forward to your answers with great anticipation!