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yes you can stream from a NAS (if the NAS streams on its own) and you can buy a region free mod or a pre-modded one

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In case you missed the new thread, the replacement for the BDP-93 has been announced and is shipping, the BDP-103. There is an owner's thread on AVSforum. While not yet formally announced, there is an anticipation thread going for the BDP-105, the successor to the BDP-95.


Also, I have been a little lukewarm about the DAC in the BDP-95. I was listening to it via the RCA outs as I didn't have an amp or headphone amp with XLR ins. I spent close to three weeks with the BDP-95 and the Schiit Mjolnir, and am still unable to explain how or why it sounds so much better than the BDP-95 did through the Schiit Lyr (via the RCA outs). I can't imagine that the design of the DAC in the BDP-95 was optimized in favor of the balanced outs, but that is how it sounds to me. Of course, there are other possibilities. The point is that I am impressed enough to consider buying the BDP-105 as it is going to be more versatile (you can input S/PDIF to the BDP-105's DAC from other sources), and think it is an even better fit in my living room.


The only downside that I can see is that it supports a new mode (forced by the MPAA and their buddies) that detects ripped Blu-rays and may refuse to play them. mad.gif

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Could be due to the Mjolnir is a better sounding amp than the Lyr?

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and it only detects ripped blurays that currently have cimera coding on them which isn't too many, and no older BD's have this coding either.

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I don't want to discount the Mjolnir versus Lyr effect; but I have experimented with the Gungnir's XLR and RCA outs with the Mjolnir, and I don't hear the sort of difference that I hear with the BDP-95. Weird . . . me, the BDP-95 or maybe a bit of both.  confused_face(1).gif

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Does anyone have their hands on a BDP-105?  I'm curious as to how the USB DAC sounds.

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nope, it is not released and they haven't offered the early 'beta' release either.  The official oppo beta testers have it but they're strangely quiet about it except to say that they were very impressed.

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The rumor is the 105 should be available sometime this month and a very ruff and super unofficial rumor is maybe by next week in the US....???

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Just ordered the 105.   The first ones ship out tomorrow.


Of course, the 103 has been available for a little while now.

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Don't mean to post in this thread too much but in case anyone cared and wasn't following the other thread, i am loving the 105.  The USB DAC is surprisingly good and hassle free.  I can use foobar on my laptop to send music over wifi to the 105 (as a DLNA renderer), the analong outs sound great, and I'm selling off my other DACs.  I'm also using the 105 directly connected to a power amp for my speaker system.

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