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New Oppo BDP-95

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It has a terrific DAC. Early impressions are coming out.




You can stream audio or video from an external hard drive through USB or Sata. No need for a USB digital interface.


I can't wait til March.


High Fidelity Audio Performance:

  • SABRE32 Reference Audio DAC - The DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) is one of the most important components for digital audio playback. The SABRE32 Reference ES9018 from ESS Technology is the world’s best performing 32-bit audio DAC solution targeted for high-end consumer applications and professional studio equipment. With the ESS patented 32-bit Hyperstream™ DAC architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator, the SABRE32 Reference DAC delivers an unprecedented DNR (Dynamic Range) of up to 135dB and THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise) of -120dB, the industry’s highest performance level that will satisfy even the most demanding audio enthusiast. The BDP-95 uses two ES9018 DAC chips - one for the 7.1-channel output, and another for the dedicated stereo output.
  • Toroidal Power Supply - Custom designed and built by Rotel, the toroidal power transformer offers superior inrush current and much lower exterior magnetic field over traditional laminated steel core transformers. The BDP-95's toroidal linear power supply provides a very clean and robust power source to the critical audio components.
  • Dedicated Stereo Output - The BDP-95 features a dedicated 2-channel analog output with specially optimized ES9018 DAC and output driving stages. Each output is driven by 4 DAC channels stacking together to achieve even greater audio performance.
  • XLR Balanced Stereo Output - The stereo output offers both XLR balanced and RCA single-ended connectors. The balanced output features a true differential signal path all the way from the DAC to the 3-pin XLR connector. By transmitting a pair of differential signals, the balanced output provides better common-mode noise rejection and improves signal quality.
  • 7.1-Channel Analog Output - Individual analog 7.1-channel surround outputs are ideal to connect to a 7.1-channel or 5.1-channel surround sound system. Powered by the ES9018 SABRE32 Reference DAC, the BDP-95 delivers an incredible and immersive multi-channel soundstage.
  • Digital Optical and Coaxial Outputs - For simple and easy connection to more traditional A/V receivers, the BDP-95 features both optical and coaxial outputs for digital audio.
  • Dolby® TrueHD - Dolby TrueHD delivers lossless studio master quality audio designed specifically for high definition entertainment.  The BDP-95 supports bit-stream output of Dolby TrueHD via its HDMI 1.4a output.  It can also internally decode Dolby TrueHD into LPCM and output via HDMI or the 7.1ch analog audio output terminals.  (Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus audio formats are also supported.).
  • DTS-HD Master Audio™ - DTS-HD Master Audio delivers an auditory experience that matches the lifelike images of high-definition video with up to 7.1 channels that are bit-for-bit identical to the studio master. The BDP-95 supports bit-stream output of DTS-HD Master Audio. It can also internally decode DTS-HD Master Audio and output via HDMI or the 7.1ch analog audio output terminals. (DTS-HD High Resolution Audio and DTS Digital Surround are also supported.)

Note - Although the BDP-95 shares the same playback platform as the BDP-93, it is designed from the ground up with a different chassis and many different components optimized for the analog audio performance. For this reason it is not possible to upgrade a BDP-93 to gain the BDP-95's enhanced audio performance by replacing parts.

Diversified Media Support:

  • Blu-ray Disc - The high definition Blu-ray Disc™ format provides pristine video and audio quality for your home entertainment.
  • Blu-ray 3D – Experience high definition in all new dimensions. The BDP-95 supports the new Blu-ray 3D specifications (3D television and glasses required).
  • Netflix Instant Streaming Ready - Instantly watch movies streamed to your TV via the internet when connected to the OPPO BDP-95. (Unlimited membership required. US only)
  • Blockbuster on Demand - The newest releases instantly from your couch! (Service available in the United States only)
  • BD-Live & BonusVIEW - The BDP-95 supports BD-Live™ (Profile 2.0) and contains all necessary hardware - audio/video decoder, Ethernet and wireless networking, and 1GB of internal storage - for BD-Live. It also supports BonusVIEW (Profile 1.1) enabling "picture-in-picture" and audio features for viewing director or actor commentary while the main movie is playing.
  • DVD-Audio - The BDP-95 plays DVD-Audio and supports both stereo and multi-channel high resolution audio programs. Users can select whether to play the DVD-Audio or the DVD-Video portion of the disc.
  • SACD - The BDP-95 plays Super Audio CD (SACD) and supports both stereo and multi-channel high resolution audio programs. Users can select whether to output the DSD (Direct Stream Digital) signal in its native format over HDMI or convert it into high resolution PCM.
  • Additional Disc & Media Formats - Additional disc and file formats, such as DVD, audio CD, HDCD, Kodak Picture CD, AVCHD, MP4, DivX, MKV, FLAC, WAV and other audio/video/picture files on recorded discs, USB or eSATA drives can be played back on the BDP-95.

Unparalleled Video Quality:

  • Qdeo by Marvell - The BDP-95 incorporates Marvell's Kyoto-G2 video processor with the second generation Qdeo™ technology. Qdeo video processing delivers a truly immersive viewing experience by rendering quiet natural video free of noise and artifacts for all types of content. For high-quality Blu-ray content, the BDP-95 faithfully reproduces the program just as the director intended; for DVD, the up-converted picture quality bridges the visual gap from your current DVD library to Blu-ray discs; for network streaming and user-encoded content at a variety of formats and quality, the BDP-95 offers enhancement options including video noise reduction, compression artifact reduction, intelligent color, contrast, detail and edge enhancements. More Info
  • DVD Up-Conversion - Per-pixel motion-adaptive de-interlacing and advanced scaling transforms the standard definition image on DVDs to near high definition video quality. Additional Qdeo video processing options help to deliver a clearer, smoother, and true-to-life picture free of noise and artifacts.
  • Full HD 1080p Output - The BDP-95 features user selectable video output resolutions, including 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, and up to 1080p 50 or 60Hz.
  • True 24p™ Video - Many Blu-ray Discs are recorded at 24 frames per second, the same frame rate as the original movie's theatrical release. The BDP-95 can faithfully redeliver the original frames using 1080p 24Hz output (compatible display required) for smoother motion and a flicker-free, film-like home theater experience.
  • Source Direct Mode - For users who wish to use an external video processor, high-end audio/video receiver or display, the BDP-95 offers a "Source Direct" mode. The original audio/video content on the discs is sent out with no additional processing or alteration.
  • Multiple Zoom Modes - The BDP-95 supports multiple levels of aspect ratio control and image zooming, including a vertical stretch mode for customers with a 2.35:1 CIH (Constant Image Height) display system. A unique subtitle shift feature allows the user to move the subtitle up and down, making it possible to see all subtitle text when using a 2.35:1 CIH display. (Blu-ray discs with BD-Java may prohibit zoom operation.)
  • Dual HDMI v1.4a Outputs - Two assignable HDMI v1.4a outputs are provided to capitalize on the optimum audio and video settings to all old, new, and future HDMI televisions and receivers. With the option of full audio and video output to 2 displays; or dedicate one HDMI for audio, the other for video, it promotes a high quality video and audio for both signal paths. The BDP-95 supports 3D and Deep Color modes on both HDMI output ports.

Ultimate Convenience:

  • Dual HDMI Outputs – The BDP-95 is equipped with two HDMI output ports and offers the most versatile installation options. You do not have to upgrade your A/V receiver to a 3D model in order to enjoy 3D. One HDMI output of the BDP-95 can be connected to a 3D TV and the other can be connected to a pre-3D HDMI v1.1-v1.3 A/V receiver. For projector users, you can connect one output to a projector for home theater use and the other to a TV for casual viewing. For a multi-room installation the BDP-95 can output audio and video to two 3D or 2D TVs simultaneously.
  • eSATA Port – The BDP-95 features an eSATA interface on its back panel. Customers can take advantage of this fast interface to play contents from external hard drives and enclosures which contain audio, video and photo files.
  • Wireless & Ethernet – Using the included wireless-N adapter or the built-in RJ45 Ethernet port, users will be able to interact with BD-Live content, watch instant streaming programs from provides such as Netflix, Blockbuster etc., playback contents stored on their home network, and keep the BDP-95 up-to-date with firmware release to ensure maximum Blu-ray compatibility.
  • Dual USB Ports - Two USB 2.0 high speed ports are provided, one on the front panel and one on the back. Users can enjoy high definition video, high resolution photos and music directly from their USB drives.
  • PAL/NTSC Conversion - The BDP-95 supports NTSC and PAL systems for both disc playback and video output. It can also convert content of one system for output in another. (Subject to DVD and BD region restrictions.)
  • Back-lit Remote Control - The BDP-95 comes with a fully back-lit remote control for ease of use in dark home theaters. With its ergonomic button layout and clear labeling, operating the Blu-ray Disc player is easier than ever.
  • World Power Supply - The BDP-95 features a world power supply that is compatible with AC power from all regions. Voltage range from 100V-120V and 200V-240V can be selected by flipping a switch on the back panel.
  • External IR - For integration into home theater control systems, the BDP-95 provides external IR IN port to use with an IR distribution system.
  • RS232 Control - For custom installation, the BDP-95 offers an RS232 control port with a rich control and communication protocol. Installers can easily program their favorite control systems to operate the BDP-95.
  • HDMI CEC - HDMI Consumer Electronics Control simplifies the home theater by allowing a single remote control to operate multiple devices.
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I have been awaiting a good universal player for my balanced system, this one fits the bill and then some.


I had signed up with Oppo for early news, and was able to order it last week.  Here's hoping that it i will come in February as they say.

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I signed up too but by the time I tried to order, the first 100 were all gone. So now I have to wait til March.

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FedEx has mine, and it is supposed to arrive Friday.

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Was about half a week late due to the blizzard last week, but its in my office now.  Hoping to put it in my system this weekend and give it a listen.

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Please post reviews/impressions. I am especially curious about the interface with USB/ESATA external drives. Does it have the ability to play playlist files made in foobar 2k/iTunes? Can you sort by Album/Artist/Genre? Can it replace the PC as the interface?

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Originally Posted by sluker View Post

Please post reviews/impressions. I am especially curious about the interface with USB/ESATA external drives. Does it have the ability to play playlist files made in foobar 2k/iTunes? Can you sort by Album/Artist/Genre? Can it replace the PC as the interface?

I believe it has its own UI. Not sure if it supports iTunes format. I don't think it interfaces with a PC.

I'll be on the March preorder.


Here's the link from owners impressions so far.



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I'm curious about the PC playing too. It does say that it can play music off a network but doesn't really say how. I'd buy this in a second but it really is a shame to have something with such a good DAC but it doesn't have any inputs so other devices can take advantage of it.  I'm actually not sure why home stereo's haven't moved to a central DAC or a DAC-preamp type of thing so we dont have have to keep paying for the same components over and over in the same system.

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question (I know this is headfi and not AVS) but I'd like a simple receiver (or even integrated amp) that is premo for 2-channel but can play 5.1 (or whatever).  So I am most concerned about great sound but as a secondary function I still would like to play movies and not have 2 systems.  I'm not that interested in how good the 5.1 (+) is (I'm using a Sony HT in a box now and I'm happy with movie playing - the music listening is horrible though).


Though I haven't found anything exactly like this would this OPPO matched up with the Marantz NR1601 fit the bill?  I'm not sure my HT-in-a-box would let the oppo make it sound better?


I've thought about moving up into the high-end receivers since that way I could have a central high-end DAC but they are all beastly ugly and I dont need connections for all those devices or all those output types.


Thanks for any thoughts.

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Originally Posted by tme110 View Post

I'm curious about the PC playing too. It does say that it can play music off a network but doesn't really say how. I'd buy this in a second but it really is a shame to have something with such a good DAC but it doesn't have any inputs so other devices can take advantage of it.  I'm actually not sure why home stereo's haven't moved to a central DAC or a DAC-preamp type of thing so we dont have have to keep paying for the same components over and over in the same system.


It supports Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n through a  USB Wi-Fi adapter that is included or through an ethernet network, 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX. These are described in the user manual.

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Yea, I see that but do you just direct it to where your music is stored, or the itunes library and how 'useable' is the interface to pick through huge libraries.  I've never used a DLNA device so I don't know what you need to hook up to one.  I'll probably get flamed but im sure it would be easier if it used airplay or could take inputs from an appleTV.  That way I could use my old iphone as the worlds most perfect remote control.

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I'm curious too how it access a network device and how it would navigate a PC/laptop. I'll find out when I get mine. Oppo has a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Ok, I kind of have this down - it actually took some work.  I did get a Oppo BDP-93 and I'm still thinking about the 95.  The device looks great and is crazy fast.  I think the 93 looks much better then the 95.  Though, I thought I had a pretty crappy BD player before but I don't see any real difference between that one and this in BD or DVD upscaling quality.


One of the reasons I jumped on this was because I spent a few days trying to figure out the whole streaming thing and then HAD to close the loop on it.  This has re-enforced my feelings that apply airplay rocks and if it weren't for the crazy 16/44 restriction apply streaming has I would think that the apple TV and airplay could be the greatest thing to happen to music.  It's fast, easy to use, unbelievably configurable and you dont even have to set it up - it just works.


The OPPO works on about any DNLA service.  After a few days, I had 5 different DNLA servers going all streaming from the same library on the same computer.  It turns out that ORB which I've been using to stream to my iphone for 3+ years now (on wifi, g3, and 2g) is DNLA too.  So when I turned the oppo on and got the network going (you have to use the only USB connection to plug the wifi in btw (and the eSATA drive is not hot swappable!)) it immediately saw all 5 DNLA services (but not airshare).


It has a very nice looking interface and seems pretty good.  It seems like they have the hard part down.  Once you select a library (aka ORB) you go into a nice looking presentation of what reminds me of file manager in windows 3.1.1.  Though there doesn't appear to be a search capability. And going into 'Albums' it only let me see the first 230 which didn't get me through the 'B's'.


So I was very excited about this and it made me want the 95.  BUT, it is crazy slow, it hangs up to the point the unit doenst respond for minutes and after a few songs it just stopped working.  It can take up to 4 minutes for it to play a song and I have a enhanced N network that is completely set up.  I was able to pick a song I wanted, push play, get up heat up dinner, come back and while waiting for the song to start, I pulled out my iphone, selected ORB, found the same song and had it playing about a minute before the OPPO started.


Then all my services went out and I was up until 1 am trying to get my DNLA going - screwing with firewalls etc but it didn't even occur to me until today that it had to somehow be the OPPO that was screwing my network up.



windows actually has a nice and easy to set up DNLA server (aka home group) already and it seems to work the best of all the ones I've tried so far.  BUT, you can't use it on music that is on a NAS.  This is changeable but it just grabs whatever is in your user/my music directory.  I was able to 'fool' homegroup into seeing my NAS which kind of worked on my laptop but didn't even pretend to work on the oppo.  When I was playing around with  my win7 libraries I did see warnings that I was using unapproved library capabilities - so it knew what I was trying to do.  I don't know if another version of win7 (like ultimate) would let you or not. So that doesn't do anything for me.


My seagate NAS has a built in DNLA service which took me about 6 hours to get working but it is unreliable, doens't work well, is almost impossible to figure out and you have no control over what it actually streams.  (I was seeing 4 of every song because it pulled out all of my backup copies each song that I have in other directories).  I never used it before but I'm surprised they advertise the music server capability.


I think ORB is pretty great and I was excited OPPO could see it but I've had all kinds of issues with it working. I'm not sure if it's oppo, orb or my computer.  Because while this was going on something attracted McAfee's attention which shut all streaming down without any kind of warning or indication and it took me hours to figure that out.


This has great potential and looks much better than what I was led to believe from reading the AVS forum but...


Even if I keep using this and figure out the big issue I don't know about yet I think I will still keep my apple TV connected to my stereo.  It's just easy, fast and entertaining.  It's netflix viewer is also much easier and faster than the OPPO's.


Since I haven't really seen anyone else talk about thier network experience I don't know if I just had something screwed up or what but hopefully you guys will find out soon and let me know.  NOTE:  if this actually worked and was a little faster the OPPO could easily be a true media server.


And unfortunately, it wasted enough of my time that I never really had a chance to check out the DAC compared to the other ones I have.

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note for pre-oppo testing.  itunes can also detect most DLNA services too.  Itunes was showing airshare and all of my DLNA services (except ORB) under the shared libraries field.  Window's media play see's all my DLNA services except airplay and actually presents them the same way that OPPO does.


The point being is that if your current media player's are not showing any streamed media then the oppo-95 isn't either.

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ok, now I downloaded tversity which it seemed like a like of people at AVS were using on the oppo-83 thread.  It was pretty quick and works fairly well.  I'm pretty happy with - no fancy search by album art or anything, but it seems to work.  There is about a 2-10 second delay when playing a song.  So still not like airplay but I can live with that.

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