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Thanks for the info bronxers.  I checked the FS site after you posted that and I saw the FS1 which looked like the Atrio X I have.  But on the plus, at least I can look forward to a substantial upgrade in the future haha.


Question about tips - I need some recommendations on tips to try that fit snug like the stock small biflanges.  I'm noticing the bass on the right isn't as strong as the left.  I switched ears to check earphones and it's me, not the earphones fault.  I guess my right ear canal is slightly bigger than the left. 


I get the impression the Sonocore/Alpine tips sound really well, but they won't fit as snug in my ear and isolate as well as the stock biflanges?  I've also read some information about Monster Triflange's, but I've never tried a triflange tip.  The Atrios small biflanges are the first comfrotable biflanges I've ever tried..normally I wear a medium single flange, so the idea of a triflange is kind of shaky for me.  Also, I'm fairly active and working out when I use the Atrios, and the biflanges do a very good job of staying put. 


Any tips on tips is much appreciated.

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I think the new Earsonics bi-flanges are more comfortable than the stock. They should fit without modification and have the larger sound hole. But you can only buy them from Earsonic's web site and come in only 1 size. 

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What size does it most compare with of the future sonic biflanges?  Ideally I'd like to get a size in between the FS small biflange and FS medium biflange for my right ear.

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I'm not positive, since I don't have the atrio tips to compare. I'm guessing they are similar to the mediums. 

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Ok thanks for the input Shane.  Are there any biflange kits out there with a sizing scale similar to the Sony Hybrid single flange (SS, SM, M, L), that would work well with the Atrios?  I would prefer to get them stateside, but I'm on a mission to get that perfect fit for them, so if necessary, I'll pick them up Internationally.

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Originally Posted by Bazirker View Post

I sometimes use Comply foams.  I definitely agree that foams decrease treble on the Atrios (and generally reduce the SQ while doing it), but I like foams, especially when I fly.  If you really want foams, I'd say it's worth a try as long as you go into it not expecting an improvement in SQ.

I agree that foam decreases the treble on the Atrio's but one major clarification is that the stock Atrio foam tips do not do this. They actually improve treble AND give a wider sound stage. They have obviously been designed by Future Sonics for optimal results from the Atrio's.


I use the FS foams and I love them. I give them a little bath in warm water every week or two and they come out like new!


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I would definitely agree that the FS foams were designed specifically for the Atrios.  I don't think I've ever seen another foam tip that has a plastic sheath running the full length of the shaft in the middle, although that's also part of what makes them so tricky to get in my ear the way I like.  I also wish they could have tapered the foam a la Comply or Shure foam tips such that it's a little more comfortable in ear.

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I haven't re-read this thread, but may I ask if anyone has mentioned the new black foam tips Futuresonics has come out with?

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Greetings, cat!


I noticed those a little while ago.  Any idea if they're different from the prior tips in any way besides color?  They otherwise look the same...

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Someone mentioned the black ones are a little denser than the yellow ones. I will find out soon, I have the Atrio MG7 on the way to me bigsmile_face.gif

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Maybe, maybe not.  I have mg7's that didn't come with black foams.  I got them awhile ago though.

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Bronxers you were right!  I liked the Atrio X so I picked up the mg7's and wow, huge upgrade!  Only listened to them right out the box, but I feel like I'm in a club when I listen to them.  I'm able to hear things in songs while the bass drops that I never heard before.  Vocals over bass are super impressive.  These are my first pair of really good IEM's and they didn't disappoint for sure.  I'll go through this thread page by page for that perfect tip on tips haha!  And yes the new mg7's come with the black foams.  I haven't tried them yet.  I'll report back when I do, but they look like the yellow ones.


By the way, has anyone tried using them with a ZO2?

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Originally Posted by DnB Sublimity View Post

By the way, has anyone tried using them with a ZO2?

My second set of mg7's arrive some time today. I had them long ago I'll let you know how the synergy is with my Zo 1, if it's of any help, but I can tell you with certainty that the synergy between the Zo and my Atrio X is an excellent one, and second to the TFTA's, the Zo/Atrio X combination results in the most overpowering low end I've ever heard to date. I'm expecting only better from the mg7. basshead.gif


EDIT: According to USPS, the expected delivery date was Friday... still not here. frown.gif Hopefully Monday it is.

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The black foams feels softer than the yellow foams...they're not as soft as the comply S-400's I use on my SP-51, but I think they're worth looking into.  I'd be curious to know  if you think the same about them too.  Loving these earphones! 

Thanks for the info on the Zo.  I'm definitely curious to know what happens when you try the mg7's with the Zo.  I'm really happy with the low end of them, but I guess I wonder if it's worth the $100 extra for the Zo? 

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I don't think I'm going to use the Sony Hybrid tips anymore.  Just had a scary experience where one of the buds got stuck in my ear canal.  Had to go fishing for it with tweezers haha.  I think I'm going to stick with the stock small bi-flanges, or the black foams for now.


P.S.  ANy news on the mg7, ZO combo...x-mas is coming up so that may be my excuse to get one if it's ridiculous.

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