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Poll: Which Earsonics SM3 tips do you prefer most?

Poll Results: What tips do you prefer

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 26% of voters (15)
    Stock SM3 tips
  • 26% of voters (15)
    Sensorcom Double flange
  • 14% of voters (8)
    Shure Olives
  • 10% of voters (6)
    MC Tri-flange
  • 0% of voters (0)
    MC gel silicon
  • 1% of voters (1)
    MC supertip
  • 19% of voters (11)
56 Total Votes  
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I've tried Shure olives and Double flange tips, but I still prefer the comply tips, and curious what most people prefer.  How can I fit MC tips to the SM3? Seems too thin for MC tips to stay in place.

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This is what you should do:


Take the Comply Foam`s "core" off the foam(left of the picture)

Place the Comply Foam`s core into the the new tip(right of the picture )

Place your new modded tip into the SM3









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Bumping to get more response

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For me my SM3 still sounds best with my home made duel orto tips ( a p series comply core with the large orto tip on the bottom and the smallest tip on top  ) normal_smile%20.gif

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I like the comply tips most of all so far.  I feel like I'm missing details with them though.  The comply smooths out the sound, kinda rolling off the highs(maybe contributing to detail loss), almost acting like a filter, but makes bass very smooth.  I am gonna have to try tehort's idea, its very clever.  something I've noticed about the comply tips is that it has a strong middle structure, kinda extending the core, which I think SM3 needs, so that you can fit soft tips like double flanges much deeper inside the ears. Trouble with double flange is that, I lose bass, and therefore bass is distorted, I missing low end and sound stage is narrow.  I believe I need silicone tip with wide enough opening and great isoation, then I would get wide spectrum of sound with great bass impact.  

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Bumpin to get more responses

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Sensorcom bi flange tips best for me, compared with the stock comply, stock bi flange and also shure olives. Still prefer sensorcom.

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I had fit problems with all of them, including the sensorcom which were garbage for me, but stock were the best, which I use on my eties and westones too.

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Did you cut the Sensorcom tips to make them shorter?

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Originally Posted by Photofan1986 View Post

Did you cut the Sensorcom tips to make them shorter?

I cut them quite short, but found they were too flimsy to insert fully unlike etys or shure flanges, probably due to the wider exit than the others

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Using the method tehort mentions above (using Olive Shure stems) opens up possibilities for larger bore tips. Using that method and placing M6 triple flanges like the ones pictured above I get a more comfortable and easy fit compared to stock double flanges which were my previous tips of choice. Very useful stuff and highly recommended. 

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Well guys although i use the stock tips most of the time, i modded them in such a way that the bore of the tips are larger, and i slipped a shure core into the stock tips. Putting a chopstick into the stock tips and immersing them in hot water permanetly achieves this biggrin.gif


My intention of doing so was to ensure the sound would not be absorbed into the stock tips, and to make sure that the sound would remain uncompromised as it exits the bore of the SM3. So far the treble is really nice now, bass isn't smeared, and vocals are very very slightly less muddied, and i have had the green filters removed as well. This comparison is done to the unmodded stock tips.







On a side note, the stock tips seems to fit me better than the medium or large shure olives, and it just sounds clear to me. the olives kinda muffles the dynamic range, but its not to a large extent. Still i use them interchangeably, depending on whether i need a little more isolation from the olives or just the best from the SM3. I, of course, reach out to the modded stock tips more often.

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i couldn't get a seal with the comply tips (odd because i got a great seal using them on the etys -> is the nozzle the same size?)- the triple flanges were uncomfortable. in the quest for perfection, i got the um56s which, after 4 trips to the audiologist were perfect...until my dog chewed them deadhorse.gif

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Too bad I sold it before trying the triple flanges. frown.gif  I could have experienced SM3 to maximum potential with those.  As of now, I see the value of triple flanges from using it for many IEMs.  Triple may be uncomfortable for some, but it will not fail to impress me.  

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Genuine Sony Hybrid on top of a comply stem works best for me. Consistently good sound and great comfort.

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