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My pleasure.

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Originally Posted by Oskari View Post


That YK is a date code; Oct. 67 like the stamp on the box, I think. DA indicates Mullard manufacture at Blackburn. The tube is unbranded. The British Services were not interested in brands, just the produce. [http://www.tubecollector.org/cv-valves.htm]


You know your stuff =)


Here's a shot of the top of the original box --



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When testing ECC32s, which tube type should I use for the settings?  My B&K doesn't have setting for ECC32s.  I know the heater is 6, but what about the senstivity to check the gm.

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I use the 6SN7 sheet, but you have to use a little math and guess at the right sensitivity setting, and then read the transconductance.
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David some B&K circuits cannot measure a 6SN7 properly.

They use 19mA, whereas the proper current is 9mA.

What that means is they undervalue the 6SN7.

So if a B&K shows a good reading for a 6SN7 you can be rest assured it's excellent.


For the ECC32 I would expect a 70% of a 6SN7 value to mean a NOS tube.

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Stavros, your math works well.  My pair reads 20/20 which is about 70% of 30 which is what I usually get with an NOS 6SN7.


Thanks guys.

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Hi David, you are most welcome.

Any chance of a photo please?


Do they have the 1185 XXX date codes?

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Yes.  Here's a photo.


What can you tell me about the tube?






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This is the military CV181 version, with 1185 A3 date code.


Brown base wire getter, very nice sounding tube.

Can I see a slight cathode boil off mark?

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Mullard, I assume?

No, that is just the light and flash. The tops are clear.
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is it safe to drop in cv-181 V.E (Mullard) instead of 6SN7 on my DV amp? 

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