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Originally Posted by rosgr63 View Post

I have never tried any of the new production "ECC32" so I can't comment on how they sound compared to the original ones.

Neither did I.. Im just curious what are they like, if there is any hero out there that did and could comment on this?


ahh these are the ones I ment:





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Just won this on flea-bay... Didn't really mean to, but oh well! Hopefully it's not junk...











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Sure looks nice!
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Beautiful tube, enjoy it.

Let us know how it sounds.

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I finally found the ECC34 and tried them on the BA as well as the ECC31.

However I don't like them and do not plan to use them again with the 300B setup

as the output is low.  Now I prefer the ECC35 or 6SL7's more.   I have changed

the power tube from 300B to Mazda PP5/400 (compatible with Marcon PX25) and

love them as they seem to add more driving power (especially they can remove the veil

of the LCD3) and they can make me drive the AKG K1000 and HE6 with the BA effectively.

The sound is very smooth, kinda of laid back with excellent tonal balance, very clean sound

and good enough dynamic bass.

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Originally Posted by GMF2010 View Post

Just won this on flea-bay... Didn't really mean to, but oh well! Hopefully it's not junk...



I was following that auction.  Looks like a real nice tube.  I need a pair for all my equipment and was concerned about finding a match.


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Quick question:


I have two of these tubes, one Mullard branded, the other 'YK' (http://www.unclepapa.com/MULcv181_1NS1.JPG).


When I power up my BA with the Mullard, the tube immediately gets very bright, almost like a flash, then settles down to normal operating levels. With the YK, it gradually lights up in a linear fashion with no spike at initial power-up.


Is this an indication that there is something wrong with the Mullard? I apologize if this is a silly question... I'm still a tube novice. For what it's worth I think the YK sounds better to my ears. Also, the Mullard seems to have 'heavily' silvered on top relatively quickly. The YK was crystal clear when I purchased it and has few hours on it, so I'll have to wait to see if the same thing happens.


Disclaimer: I don't have a tester.

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GMF congratulations for these wonderful tubes.

Both were made by Mullard, I am not aware of anybody else making ECC32's


The heavy silvering indicates usage and shows anode boil off.

There are tubes with heavy silvering that test excellent so only a tester would reveal they condition of your tube.


It's not normal for the tube to behave like this IMHO.

As for the difference in sound are both tubes exactly the same in construction?

If they are, sometimes a heavily used tube may not sound as good as a tube that tests as new.


I would have the tube checked before further use.

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Thank you for the info.


I'll have to take the tube into the city to have it tested when I have time.


Both tubes have circular micas and D getters (one is a little bigger than the other). Also, the Mullard has smoked glass, while the other is completely clear. Both have brown bases.


I didn't think anything of the behavior until I tested the second one and saw it behave differently.


Edit: I forgot to mention the 'YK' branded tube is MUCH easier to get into the socket. The Mullard branded variant is a struggle to install/remove.

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You are welcome.


Most ECC32's I've seen have some dark glass, either full or half way up the glass.


Try some contact enhancer/lubricant for dificult tubes.

Are the pins polished/ clean?

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The pins are in great shape and are pretty finely polished. I'd be surprised if they were the source of the 'issue.'


Hopefully I can report back in a week or two with the test results.

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If you can't insert the tube easily it could be a pin problem.


You may be surprised how many problems you can get with pins loosing their contact due to deteriorating solder joints.

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It's definitely the most difficult tube to insert that I have. Getting it out is even more difficult.


I've been sitting here listening to the NOS YK ECC32, and it's opened up tremendously over the past 3 hours. It must have had next to no use, or possibly none at all, when I purchased it.


The Mullard branded one isn't even in the same league anymore. I had compared the two variants, briefly, when I first received the second one, just long enough to determine that there was no discernible difference. Something must have happened to it recently, as I didn't notice something sounding off till a few days ago. It's a shame... I haven't even had the Mullard tube very long.

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Originally Posted by GMF2010 View Post

I have two of these tubes, one Mullard branded, the other 'YK' (http://www.unclepapa.com/MULcv181_1NS1.JPG).


That YK is a date code; Oct. 67 like the stamp on the box, I think. DA indicates Mullard manufacture at Blackburn. The tube is unbranded. The British Services were not interested in brands, just the produce. [http://www.tubecollector.org/cv-valves.htm]

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Oskari, thanks for the clarification and valuable info.

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