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i own a piece of ecc34,got it from a bundle sale.since its the low impedance version of ecc32,can it be using with the balanced act or sub the 6sn7?

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It draws the same heater current as the ECC32, but it has 1/3 the mu/gain/amplification factor as an ECC32, and about half that of an 6SN7.  There are other differences.  I wouldn't recommend using it, although I know some people have in some amps (not sure about BA).

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that's what i though too,thank you skylab. i might just sell it ,is just taking space now.

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Kiertijai has mentioned that according to Craig the BA can use ECC32/ECC33/ECC34/ECC35.


I have used the others and not the ECC34 yet, but it should be safe to use.

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I have used the ECC32, ECC33, Brimar 1988/6SN7GTY   without any problem.

However   I haven't tried the ECC34 and ECC35  but I will try soon. However  as Stavros

mentioned I have asked these many times to Craig and he said it should be all right to use it as well as 6SL7.  

However please  confirm with Craig with other 6SL7 e.g. fivre.


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ECC33=6SN7 and ECC35=6SL7. So if the BA can use the 6SL7 it can use the ECC35. But again, the ECC34 is neither equivalent to the 6SN7/ECC33 or the 6SL7/ECC35.
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The ECC35 that I found works very well with the BA without any problem, but I haven't

tried with the Fivre 6SL7 yet.  I tried to find the ECC34 but I don't know where they are now

So I need our friends here to help comments on the ECC34 but according to Craig , he said it will have

no problem.   I will give more info on  Fivre 6SL7 and ECC34 (if I can find them) and I think

Stavros has a lot of experience on Tungsol 6SU7GTY too, I also have a few of 6SL7 & 6F8G's  but

I need more time because I am very new to this.

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I have done the tungsol 6SU7GTY in my ba. It is kinda like the ecc35 tall brown base but with more treble energy. I think the ecc35 is one of the best tubes to pair with the px4 in the ba. The short brown base is awesome.

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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post

1185 is the pre-1955 Mullard tube type code designation for the ECC32. 1955 and beyond they went to a common two-letter tube type code designation with Philips, and "EN" was the tube type designation for the ECC32 under that schema.


MRA is tougher to decipher, but I THINK it is Mullard (manufacturer), R = January 1952, A = Batch 0 (the first of the year).


Two of my ECC32 say "1185 MZA", the Z I believe indicating August of 1952.  It is possible, however, that in both cases, the tubes were made in 1955 and not 1952.

Thanks Skylab, you're a great help as always.

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These must be the best triodes out there, I got 4 NOS pieces made by philips, will send the pics later in these days.. :)

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Please take a picture of the getters if you can and let us know how they sound.

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Ok so as promissed..a little late but anyways here they are.And I am sorry for such bad pic. quality they were taken from my c7 phone!


The candy box! :D



Matched all 4 of them!!










I tried to take a good shot of the getters, but my phone failed on me..







These are really in mint condition, I wish I had a proper camera to show it.. there are no marks on them no fingerprints, the glass is soo clear, even a production code thats etched on them is like new, oh well :D








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Beautiful tubes, thanks for the photos.


What type of getter do they have?

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I was wondering has anyone tried the new production ecc32?Someone that has experience with the NOS tubes and tested the new ones aswell.. Im just looking at these new Psvane and they look nice, but we all know looks mean zero if they sound crappy.Are they just another gimmick thats not even close to NOS or are they actually decent sounding!?Knowing theire Chinese made makes me sceptical, but I could be wrong.




I also remember there were Jadis ecc32 some time ago I guess theire some Full music production.

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The ECC32 are not a replacement tube for the 6SN7.

Make sure your amp can handle the extra current they draw.


The description says:


Psvane CV181-T (6SN7) has exactly the same electronic specification as the Treasure CV181-Z, which is a true equivalent of 6SN7.


In this case they have nothing or very little in common with the original ECC32.


I have never tried any of the new production "ECC32" so I can't comment on how they sound compared to the original ones.

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