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Looking for a new set of (foldable) headphones : AKG K 430/K 450/ K 518 ? Sennheiser PX 200 II ?

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Hi guys,


Currently I own a pair of Philips SHS8200, I really like them but the connector failed and now there's only comming sound from the left side -_-


So off we go searching for a new pair...

Most of the time I'm listening to Dubstep and Drum 'n Bass, sometimes Indierock, etc..

They are for on the go, so i'd like them to be foldable and a carrying case would be nice too.


Looking for a good bass and foldable, these came up in my search :


AKG K 430 ( € 46)


  • Nice frequency range : 12 - 28 000 Hz
  • I like the volume control 
  • Nice carrying case



AKG K 450 ( € 66)


  • Frequency range : 11 - 29 500 Hz
  • Detachable cable 
  • They come with a durable carrying case



AKG K 518


  • Frequency range : 16 - 24 000 Hz
  • They look somewhat more durable than the others



Sennheiser PX 200 II ( € 55)


  • Frequency range : 10 - 21 000 Hz
  • Carrying case



I'm really an  audionoob, so i'd be glad if you guys could help me out :)

If anyone knows another set that matches my genres (is foldable), and offcourse in the same price range, please let me know.


Thanks in advance,



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Anyone ? 

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The Sony MDR-V6 folds up. Have you considered it? I had a pair for years and really enjoyed them. They don't get much love these days, but I still think they're pretty good headphones.
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They are a little too big.
I'm really looking for some portable headphones to carry when riding to school or when I take the train, ...

Anyway, thanks for your input ;)



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Of the above I own only the PX200. They are very nice sounding phones, but they won't overwhelm you with bass. Have you considered, PX100s? There's much more of a "wow" factor to them when you first hear them, attributable largely to their tight but enveloping bass.


The PX200s are probably more faithful to the music, but the PX100s have a less antiseptic, more enveloping sound.

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If you are open to open phones, I can continue in dsf3g's steps and recommend AKG K420. It is in the same series as the K430 and K450, but an open version. Sound will leak in and out, but overall it is a very nice phone. I own both the PX100 and the K420 and I rank the K420 slightly above the PX100. Perhaps a little bit less detailed than the PX100, but more "fun".


Out of the 4 phones you list, I have only heard the K518. It sounds very nice, but is quite bassy. But you might like that with your music...

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I got to the shop yesterday and the only headphones I could connect my mp3-player to was the AKG 518 :)

The other headphones were connected to a system and were all playing the same boring song.

As I could not reach the connecters I was not able to test the others (with my own music)..


I stood there for about an hour listening to the 518's, I really like them and I wouldn't want less bass :p

So the Senn's are out, so are the 430's because i've read that they are not that bassy...


@dsf3g :

Open phones are a no go because I use them on my bicycle and with open phones the wind is swooshing through..

Anyway thanks for your reply :)


So it's up to the AKG K 450 and the AKG 518..

The only thing holding me from buying the 518's is that they are not that compact, nor foldable..


@ Danneq,

 I noticed that you own some AKG K 420's, how the bass on them ?

 Today I came across these :

AKG K 422

The AKG K 422

But I don't know if those tissue pads would be as closed as pleather pads ?


Thanks for helping me out guys :)



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Hi Akoya,


It looks like we're on the same boat. I started with the AKG K422's last week, had the K518's for two days (the discomfort was too much for me), and today I have the K450's.

I liked the K422, but I think they're open. There's a nice thread about the k420 here. I think they are very similar (except for the pads). I couldn't get to enjoy the K518's because my head and ears were sore, but they have strong bass as you mention. The K422 had good bass, too, but also more mids and treble (mind you, I am a completely noob, so I struggle to translate my experience into words). It's too early to say, but I like the K450's so far. A lot of bass too. Have a look (if you hadn't before) at their frequency response. If not you, many people here will take something out of this.


AKG K420 frequency response


AKG K430 frequency response


AKG K450 frequency response

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@ Akoya - The K 420 has got nice bass, but it is not very deep. Looking at the graphs the bass looks to be rolled off compared to the K 430 and especially K 450. For bass, the K 518 has got more in that case. And it is not open. I do like open phones sometimes, but then you have to be prepared that sound from the outside will leak in and your music will leak out.


This was the first time I heard of the K 422! It looks like a black version of the K 420 with textile pads instead of foam covers. I wonder how the sound differs from the K 420...


By the way, the K 518 are foldable. Both the DJ and the LE folds like this:



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Hi guys,


Thanks for the info :)

I'm going for the AKG K 518, mainly because the K 450 is out of my pricerange. (with shipping from Germany they come at € 74, while the K 518's come in at € 52)

Is there any difference between the LE and the normal DJ, except for the shorter cable and the fancy colours on the LE ? :p





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I do not think there is any difference between the LE and DJ version, except for the length of the cable and the different colors.

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