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So.... This is my first amp. This is my only amp..... so my impressions are based on the fact of amped versus unamped of my source/sources.


I will start by saying that I don't consider myself an audiophile, but I love good sound. I will also say that my foray into portable and personal audio is also quite infantile, so  I don't have much gear, or a plethora of other similar things to compare the amp to.


I must also state that I will update this review slowly as I get the chance to listen to various types of music. My kids and day job restrict my listening to just before bedtime when I am generally more likely to fall asleep than listen critically :) So I will post when I get the chance to listen critically.



I will do the review based on the music listened to, so the updates would be as I listen to more music of varying genres.


So onto the review!


Gear used:

Ipod Touch 3rd gen 64 gb. (LOD not here yet)

Electric Avenues PA2v2

AKG K81DJ (just had about 10 hrs on them)





U2, Exit from The Joshua Tree mp3 192kbps.


Well this is a song that I love for its crescendo and its sense of vigor as it gets louder.


Unamped from the touch, it sounds good. everything is there. The bass sounds a little out of control and slow. This may be a trait of the headphone. Instruments are easily discerned, and there positioning/panning can be heard.


Amped, Hmmm, well the mids come out a bit more. the sound also seem to develop better, there is a slightly greater sense of urgency to the song and the mids sound richer. There is also a bit more atmosphere to the sound, a better sense of space. As the music become thicker with the drums and the distorted guitar coming in, the music holds up better and keeps its composure so to speak.


Here is where it is tricky... Unamped there seems to be more bass. The bass seems to have more body and boom unamped, The perception is that the amp is reducing the bass. Listening further though, you realise that the bass is a bit faster and better controlled amped. It is more under grip and less all over the place. There is still some bloat, again maybe because of the AKGs but it is less in your face.


So that is all for now. Will try to get part two out over the weekend. Will audition with some Sting and maybe Ben Folds and Tarrus Riley