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For Sale: MisterX Soha + Jisbos (PRICE DROP)

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For Sale:
MisterX Soha + Jisbos (PRICE DROP)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Great condition Soha with Jisbos built by MisterX custom tube amplifier. Few dents on the corners, but nothing that will stop this amp from looking beautiful. I bought this recently from a fellow head-fier and now I'm selling it at a lower price of 250 shipped CONUS, extra anywhere else.


The amp will come with various tubes including a mullard that costed 60 dollars, also the amp is built with some high quality blackgate capacitors.


Extra Details:


The amplifier was custom built by MisterX whose building skills and reputation are legendary in the  Head-Fi community


Some of the components used in the build are Blackgate and Nichicon Muse caps as well as an Alps RK27 volume control.  The on/off switch is illuminated with a soft blue glow.  The triode is mounted on an L-shaped bracket inside the case, resulting in a very sleek profile, with no protruding tubes. 


This amplifier has proven itself to be capable of driving any of my phones to any reasonable listening levels.  The sound is very 3-dimensional with excellent bass response. 


- Ron

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Free bump for an outstanding amplifier!  I was the owner of this great amp for a couple of years and only sold it due to converting my phones to balanced.  A steal at this price!

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^Indeed!  I was the second owner.

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Is it a SOHA 1 or II ?

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^SOHA I /w JISBOS.  Huge difference between SOHA 1 /wo JISBOS.  I can say from personal experience, the amp did magic to my AH-D7000 and HE5 orhos when I owned them. 

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Cool. I already own the same amp. It sounds great and beats a popular commercial amp in the same price range i have here by quite a bit.
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So, please forgive a Newbie question, but  what are Jisbos?  Also, it's hard to tell from the picture if it has 1/4 or 1/8 inch Headphone jack.


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PM Sent.

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