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I did the tests. I'm not sure if my E17 has an issue, but the toslink input using the supplied adapter didn't work with signals from my blu ray player. It worked fine on my receiver, so I'm not sure what the issue is. It might not have been able to use the mix supplied from the disc I used, or the spdif in on the e17 just doesn't work. I primarily use it as a pc dac through usb which works fine, so I don't really care enough to look into it further.


Blu-ray discs commonly employ multi-channel audio formats such as Dolby Digital (AC-3 5.1), DTS and Linear PCM. The FiiO E17 can't decode those multi-channel audio streams. In the end you either end up with no sound or a very distorted noise.

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Clieos and Scratch - that was the thought I had as well. The disc I used was a dvd. Most of the time those default to a 2-channel track, but it was a concert dvd (nin - with you in time to be exact). There's a good chance that it was using a 5.1 mix by default. I have at least one disc that has a standard stereo mix I could test, but honestly I never use my e17 with toslink input. I really didn't have much free time to mess around with it, so I just stopped there.


I can definitely say that the FiiO adapter makes a tight connection with toslink connectors. So much so that I thought I was going to break it trying to disconnect it.

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Is it a DVD-A or a video DVD? If it is a DVD-Audio it's probably encoded with a 96KHz/24bit Full Surround (5.1) LPCM data stream.

Dolby Digital is pretty common in DVDs as well. ;)

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It's DVD video. I literally bought it at the release in 2007 and I haven't played it in years, so I forgot pretty much everything about it. Per the wiki article, the dvd has dolby stereo, dolby 5.1, and dts 5.1 versions on it. I would think based on that it would have defaulted to the stereo track, but again, I didn't check for that.


Don't make me have to run these tests again! biggrin.gif

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I'm new to the audiophile world. I've spent time trying to grasp as much of the charts and concepts as I could, Impedance, Ohms, and so forth. I come to this community now with a scenario of what should I do. I will tell you what I have on the way as far as shipping, and ask your guidance in the matter. My main interest is computer gaming. I am moving towards the direction of 3d gaming (currently MechWarrior, and soon star citizen *rear admiral package and super hornet, still haven't played). I'm on an almost 2 yr old alienware x51. The audio gear that is coming is:


*FiiO e17

*FiiO 09k

*FiiO W1R1

*Sennheiser 363d's *virtual surround sound (according to you (*you- I mean the brilliant audiophile community)) doesn't work with the e17's. I have also ordered the best priced highest quality for dollar 3D monitor (hours to find it) - ASUS VG248QE Black 24" 144Hz 1ms (GTG) With that said, my dilemma is what cell phone to get with it.


I have a homeless man's version of a Verizon phone. I'm staying with that carrier. I wanted to set up camera's for IP viewing on my phone. That narrows it down to IPhone 5s or an Android. <--- ~**Big Question**~ #1. I heard my MWO clan say Android rocks now, and you guys confirmed it.


~**Medium Question**~ #2. --> Also, if I go Android, which, note 3? S5? I have an upgrade. 3 Gig's a month and unlimited everything else. Will the e17 work with the Android? I saw something about the 16/48 thing. I added the W1's because they support 3d surround sound, and had video/optical cable's, the E09K didn't, yet had a docking station for the IPhone I thought would be sitting there. What do I keep, what do I send back? None of it has arrived yet.


I really appreciate anyone that can answer my questions shorter and simpler than I asked them. Thank you to whoever made it through this message /w eye's still open!



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The E18 was designed specifically to work with Android devices (note that some more obscure devices might not work), so you might want to look into that one instead.

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I have an update. Somehow I messed up a digit or something and amazon cancelled my order! I am relieved because now I can do things the right way.


I'm leaning towards an Android Phone of some sort. Its not so much for the music... Its for the remote access to home security and I heard they are making a comeback.


So the E09K won't be coming and the E17.


With that said, what is a good setup. I have Sennheiser 363d's still on the way, and I can still buy different headphones. At this point I'm hoping for suggestions on reasonably priced DAC / Amp gear mainly for stationary PC use.


Thanks Every1!

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