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Feb 26 or March 12?  


By March I should have my LCD-2's, 2/26 is questionable given the delivery lagtimes from Audeze...  If anyone care to hear these it may be worth waiting until the March date...




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Bump on the date folks?

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Either works for me but maybe later to get more interest?

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I am open to other suggestions...

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Either works for me as well.

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Personal preference only.


Prefer February 26th.


Note to mrspeakers, I see you have the Burson 160D and the DacPort.  Am considering the DacMini and Burson160D as a potential DAC AMP setup as well.  Would love to give it a go if we can get this date set!


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My understanding is the DACMini is IC-based, and has some upgrades from the DACPort.  The Burson is just, well, you'll have to see.  I hope there are a few good Dacs and Amps in the group, like some Schitt gear, or some nice tube stuff.


Any other date comments?  I'll nail my schedule down soon and make a final two dates/times for everyone to provide input on.


My other thought, looking at threads, is when we pick a date we'll start a new thread with the date as a title.  



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I am down for March 12.

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I can't attend until April. Am starting a new job tomorrow at an accounting firm. It's tax season and will be crazy through April 15. I'll be there at least 55 hours a week, probably longer. So I don't think I'll be able to get away in March. Any time after that, though, and I'll be there.
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I would be willing to drive down from LA for this, I haven't been to a meet except for when Can Jam was in LA. I would prefer the March 12th date, Sat/Sun.


I don't have much, just a AKG K702 and Grado HF2s, some entry level Grados/Beyerdynamics, and the AMB mini3 amp and y1 dac... however if I can fix my MiniMAX tube amp I'll certainly bring that along.

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I am okay with either.

March may be better to get more people there.

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Sorry for the delay, but would April work for most of you so I can post a date? Wife wants vacation in March...

Her priorities are all wrong, but what can you do? wink.gif
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April works for me

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I am cool with April, gotta keep the wife happy so when you get back from the meet you can say "Sweetie I need a ....."

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Make it late April, please? I'm pinned down through April 15 at work. After that, I'll go to a normal work schedule and be able to slip off for a weekend in San Diego.
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