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San Diego Meet; Any Interest?

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Would be fun to meet some of the local cadre, perhaps in April to give time to get organized. 


Raise your hands if interested!



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I'm interested!

Maybe I'll have my KGSSHV done by then....

Not much else to bring to the table, HP laptop > Foobar 2000 > FLAC >

Neko D100 Mk2, Matrix mini-i, Audinst MX1,

SRM-252II Stax Driver, Little Dot MKIII, MSSH amp.

Cans: SR-202, K702, HD555, HD448, HD201

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I'm in. I'll be permanently in Yuma next weekend and would be happy to drive over the mountains to hang out with you guys.

I can bring what I have (though probably not the turntable), and provided the shop is up and running in a few months, I'll bring some DIY goodies.
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 Well that is three of us so far.... :-)

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I'm a local, but don't have much to share at the moment.


Planning to attend the Bay Area get together in February 2011, and hopefully I'll know what I like and have gear by April.  No guarantees though.


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I'm interested. Still a noobie though ><

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I am up for it!

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Noobies welcome too...  Be great if we could get 10-15...  Any other partakers?  Operators are waiting...

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Livewire pointed this out to me.

I should be able to come, bring what i can, EHHA rev A, eXStatA, some cans, maybe a TT and or R2R deck.

What part of town are you thinking of?

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I live in Carmel Valley and work downtown.  I don't know if my company would let me do a little event in the evening but we have a gorgeous office overlooking the Bay and a nice conference room with room to hold 10-20.  If not, I can't host at home (unless the wife is in a great mood or out of town), so we could all pitch in a few bucks for a hotel room, or maybe someone else can volunteer.  


I'll wait till we have a few more people, then we can set a date and location.  

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My office confirmed I can host.  Nice venue.  Conference table, chairs, great view, power.  I'd like to get to 10 people and then we'll pick a date that works for as many as possible.  

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Sick! Haha soo excited!!

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I can most likely drive down from LA, depends on the date.  I can bring some Stax gear for those who have never heard electrostats. :)

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Cool, we are up to 9! I will work up a few dates... For guests from North we are literally two blocks from the train station.

Any preference on day of week?
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I work M-F 8-5 in Mission Valley so sat or Sun are best for me. I plan to get the Valhalla soon so if I can I will bring it, I also want to get the RS1 so it would be nice to hear other phones first.
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