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Looking for a pair of IEM

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My SE310 died some months ago and I tried the Monster Beat but wasn't satisfied (they hurt in-ear ><).

So now I am searching new ear-phones to use it with my mp3. I don't really know what should be better for me, I mostly listen to house music, trance, rap, hip-hop or rock sometimes. I guess I like basses gs1000.gif but not too much. I tried some bose headphone and sometimes it was a bit too much as if the low were only present...


I was looking for the SE425. I can't spend much more than 300$ 


Thanks for suggestions!

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The SE425 has a really flat frequency response, so it might sound great for someone and bad for others.

I'd say Klipsch Image X10, or Phonak Perfect Bass.

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Don't get the SE425 if you want good bass response, as yliu explained--it aims for a flat frequency response. I would recommend the Monster Turbine PRO (good, but a little expensive), HifiMAN RE252 (excellent value for the price), EarSonics SM3 (good balanced bass response with excellent mids and highs).

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I can have the TripleFi 10 for 190$ or the Turbine copper for 195$. Which one would you get?

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